Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. The Rich family always spends it together, so we headed up with everyone to Jackson Hole on Thursday. We stayed in Teton Village and had a great time seeing moose, elk and even a bear!! Friday we drove up to Old Faithful and got to spend some time up there. Overall, we had a great time, even with all the driving!

The bear was so close!! I don't really have a zoom lens yet, so I was close, and a little nervous.

Moose Falls

Yellowstone Park

Cousins Zach, Jaxon, and Bridger

Swimming with dad

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Four Years

Four years ago I married my best friend...

It's been four years of laughing...

Four years of fun...

With a disagreement here and there....

But through it all, I am so happy that we found each other...

I am so glad that I get to experience life with you...

Can't wait for what's to come...

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kauai Part 2

Another long one!

Monday: The boys went golfing on a municipal course in Kapa'a and Tiff and I went shopping. Needless to say there is hardly ANY shopping on this island. We did get an awesome pineapple at the Sunshine Market. I guess that's what I loved so much about Kauai. It is so laid back and on the North Shore everything is just small, locally owned shops and restaurants. It makes the trip. The boys went surfing that night and we went to dinner. It was a relaxing day. Oh, and the shaved ice is awesome on the island. They put macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom, then whatever flavor shaved ice you want (I loved rootbeer) and then they put sweetened condensed milk on top. Sounds like a gross combination, but it was amazing!!

TUESDAY: Catamaran Trip to Napali Coastline, Kipu Falls


Funny story about the Catamaran Boat Trip. We were STRESSED. We stayed on the North Shore and the boat was about an hour away. Brad decided we only needed 45 min. to get there. On our way there, I looked down and it said we needed an HOUR AND A HALF!!! This resulted in us calling them, begging them not to leave us, stressing out, getting stuck behind the SLOWEST cars in all of Kauai and RUNNING as fast as we can while everyone on the boat waited for us. Yup, we felt cool especially when the captain announced to everyone waiting on the boat we had FINALLY made it.

The Catamaran trip was a lot of fun. We were right alongside a ton of dolphins. On the way back we hit some great swells. Tiff and I were on top and we thought we were safe. NOPE. The waves would hit the boat and come blowing back and hit us right in the face. We were more soaked then the boys on the front of the boat. It was pretty crazy there for a while.

Tiff and I soaked on the top. We tried blocking some of the water with my towell. I stole some pics from your blog Tiff!


Kipu Falls was so much fun. It's out in the middle of nowhere. There is a huge tree where people have tied a rope swing. It was a little scary going off the rope because it was about twenty to thirty feet down to the water. Also, this is not maintained so the ladder going back up was pretty shady and slippery!

Brad really did go also, but we only have video. Sorry honey!

WEDNESDAY-Kayak up Wailua River and hike to Secret Falls

Tiff and I in the waterfall

View from Princeville Resort

Goodbye Mick and Tiff! They headed home a day earlier then us.


We decided to go out with a bang on our last day. We splurged and went on a helicopter ride. I'm so glad we did!! It was amazing to see everything you can only see by air. There were so many waterfalls! Seriously one of the most amazing things I've ever done. The pics were taken through the helicopter window, so they are a little blurry.

They showed these waterfalls in the movie Jurassic Park.

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific-Waimea Canyon

This is a view of the beach and the waterfall that we hiked to. You might have to click on the picture to be able to see the waterfall in the back.

The prettiest waterfall near Princeville on the North Shore. You could see it from the road there but up close it was amazing. There were so many separate waterfalls that made up the big waterfall. I wanted to go hiking and find them which is near to impossible!

Please excuse the muffin tops. I promise it was the straps around our waists!! haha

Near Shipwreck Beach

And FINALLY, me on the beach after a long trip to Hawaii!

Overall, this was an AMAZING trip. I loved it so much. We found out about a bunch of the things to do by this awesome book.

I would recommend anyone going to Hawaii to get a book. They have one for each island.
Anyway, thanks to my PARENTS for giving us a week of their timeshare for our birthdays and to Mick and Tiff for being such great travel companions! We had a wonderful time!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kauai Part 1

We're back! The ten days we were gone went by way too fast but we were so excited to come home and see Cooper! Just to warn you....this blog is way too long. Sorry. I just couldn't cut out some of the pics. Here is what happened the first half of our trip.

We flew out on April 30 to Honolulu. We decided to stay one night in Waikiki because Brad had never been to Oahu before. The next day we spent cruising around the whole island. It was a lot of driving, but we had a great time.


Pearl Harbor

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Who's ready for some pineapple?

I had no idea that pineapple grew like this.

The apple bananas here grew like this and then had a flower coming out the bottom. I thought it looked so weird!

North Shore Beach

Oahu Temple


Finally in Kauai! Beach day. Queen's Bath, Secret Beach, and Ke'e Beach

Queen's Bath

SATURDAY-We headed to the west side of the island. Glass Beach, Waimea Canyon and Polihale State Park

Glass Beach. Nice legs Honey!

Waimea Canyon

Two Statues at the Marriot(or two NERDS!)

SUNDAY-Hike and Tunnels Beach

Hike up the Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi'ai Beach and Falls (Yes, it was eight miles, and yes I have the blisters to prove it!)

The beach two miles in

Anyone need a bathroom? NOT ME!!

Treacherous Trail-Brad and I both had good falls with bruises


It started downpouring right when we got there. Needless to say Tiff and I didn't get in.

Tunnels Beach

Valley near Princeville