Friday, April 23, 2010

San Diego

I'm a little late but over spring break we headed to San Diego with my family.
We flew out on Friday the second. I was so nervous about the plane with the kids but on the way there things went just fine. Ryker got pretty restless towards the end but it went a lot better then I thought. We were able to all sit together so I'm sure that helped! Solana Beach is where we were staying. It's a great place right in the middle of everything.
We headed to La Jolla in the morning to go see Seal Beach and hang out. The weather was gorgeous and the kids loved the seals and the beach. They loved chasing the waves, but they didn't love getting wet. The water was freezing! The sand and the stairs were Ryker's favorite part. He's in the stair stage right now. I do NOT like that stage when that's all they want to do is climb the stairs. That night we barbecued out by the pool. Our condo was a little old, but the pool area was great!

Easter! The kids woke up to a small present the Easter Bunny left for them.

We were able to listen to conference on the internet which was fun. It was harder to concentrate with three kids running around though! We headed to a beach in Solana after our Easter dinner. I swear we could've just gone to the beach everyday and our kids would have loved it. The weather was fairly warm, but seemed warmer the longer we stayed. It's so nice and relaxing to be on the beach. While I was relaxing I felt the ground start moving underneath me. I looked around at everyone and my dad smiled and said that the ground was indeed moving. We grabbed the kids and headed away from the cliff we were under. I guess it turned out to be a pretty big earthquake for the area. They had it all over the news there. Crazy!! It was pretty cool feeling it though!

Michelle, Eddie & Carson

The night we had our own little Easter Egg hunt by the pool. The kids loved getting more candy!!

Monday we decided to head to Legoland. We've heard both bad and good so we didn't really know what to expect but Coop LOVED it. He is REALLY into Legos right now so he loved that aspect and he could go on most of the rides so he felt so big! Halfway through the day while we were eating lunch it started pouring. We looked like a few wet rats but it was good for the lines! It was never super crowded so we got pretty lucky. There were miniature replicas of cities in one area that was really neat. They had buttons you could push to make things move. Overall, I think Legoland is great for young kids. I have heard not to do Disneyland and Legoland in the same trip because Legoland stands no chance, but there was plenty to do. Even for my almost two-year old nephew. I will say it is hard to pay for adult tickets when there isn't really any adult rides...but I guess we do it for the kids!

Someone enjoyed dinner!

Tuesday Eddie had to fly out to get back to work so we drove back to San Diego to drop him off. We decided to do the trolley tour of the city. It was fun to see the different places that we've never seen before. My favorite was Coronado island. I want to stay there!

Wednesday was Sea World day! I had been excited about this because I love Sea World. Coop liked Sea World but was done about half way through. Ryker was done the minute we strapped him into the stroller. The Shamu show was a little disappointing because the trainers just seemed like they stood at the top of the tank clapping the whole time. I loved when they used to get in with the whales. Right before the show Coop fell forward, hit his face and got a bloody nose. I spent most of the show consoling him too. We still managed to have fun even though we had a slightly whiny three-year-old and one-year-old. We will definitely wait to go back until our kids are older.

Thursday we headed to the flower fields in Carlsbad. The flowers were beautiful and it made me wish I could have flowers all year long! There were also farmers markets everywhere with cheap flowers! It would be so fun to have flowers all the time.

We hit the beach later on and Brad was determined to go for a swim. He tried dragging Cooper out there, but Coop wasn't having it. He probably asked everyone twice if they'd go in. I guess you can say I'm a party pooper for not getting in, but I couldn't even put my feet in without shivering. Brad did say once you got used to it, it was great. That might have been so, but the only other people out there were in wet suits!

Friday we had to get up early to make our plane. Security at the airport was probably the worst part about the trip. We are cheap and decided to carry EVERYTHING on. That made security with two kids really fun. Also, someone stuck in a water bottle in one of my bags which meant it had to be searched. Fun! We did make it through and headed to the gate where we WAITED and WAITED until the announcement came that the flight was CANCELLED! What! Now, back to a new hotel with all our bags to do it over again tomorrow. Oh well! We headed to the hotel and I was done for the day but Brad decided to make the most of it and go on a harbor tour. He took Coop along and went on a two-hour boat tour. Coop slept the whole time but Brad said it was great.

Saturday we made it to the airport just fine and our flight took-off! Yeah! Ryker was a NIGHTMARE on this flight though. He was tired and didn't want to be held. The lady in front of us and her kids put their seats back the whole time. We were in front of an exit row so that meant our seats didn't recline..yeah fun with a baby in your lap when you have ten inches. Coop started kicking the chair and I didn't even care! I probably shouldn't admit that...Well, we did make it home with most of our sanity. I am still at the point where I'm saying I won't take any kids under three on a plane again.
It might have sounded like I was complaining a lot on that last bit, but this is like my journal and I want to remember that experience when I think I'm going to take little kids on an airplane again :). Mom and Dad: Thanks so much!! It was so much fun, a lot of work, but so much fun!! The game nights were great and so was the company! Love ya!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early Easter

We were in San Diego over Easter this year so the Easter bunny decided to come Friday morning before we flew out. The kids were so excited to get their baskets. They weren't able to enjoy them too much because we had to hurry and get ready for our flight. Ryker found an egg and opened it. I think he was surprised when jelly beans spilled all over the floor. Instead of shoving them in his mouth in Ryker fashion, he slowly, with his little fingers, tried putting each one back into the egg one at a time. It was adorable!

We're Still Here

Itty Bitty Ball started in March and Coop had a great time. It took him a bit to get into it but after he got used to it he was all over the place. He loved learning and playing the different sports. I loved being able to sit and chat with friends! We can't wait for it to start again in May!

The sneaky leprechan visited us on St. Patricks day and left some treats in their hats. The boys decided to try them on.