Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July

We headed up to Logan for the Fourth of July weekend. Friday afternoon we picked up the boat in Hyrum and hit Hyrum Dam. Ryker even got in on the tube action. I think he slept the whole time we were on the tube. He was having a rough day. I accidentally got sunscreen in his eyes and he hated his lifejacket. Poor guy. I forgot my camera so I con't have pics. After boating we went to Diane's for dinner and finished the night off with watching fireworks from the top of Bill and Carol's roof.
Saturday night we went to the Cruise In in Logan. It's was Brad's first time and so we had to watch. After a dinner at The Bluebird (bleh) we went out on mainstreet and watched the people and the cars. Where do some of those people come from?? haha

Lewiston is the happening place to be on the Fourth of July! Brad always makes fun of me when I talk about it but I feel like everyone that has ties to Lewiston loves the Fourth there. We started off the morning with the parade. Coop was clapping his little hands off so that people would throw him candy. It got old for him after about ten minutes and he was done. Ryker, on the other hand was a different story. It was heaven for him. He kept chasing and grabbing after all the candy and most of the time he was trying to eat it before the wrapper had even come off. What a funny kid! We were lucky enough to have Bill & Carol join us this year!

After the parade it was time to head to the celebration where we enjoyed horse rides, snow cones, gyros, rides and visiting. Coop actually went down the slide on his own this year. He loved the rides and Ryker loved watching them.

Later on that afternoon Brad, Eddie, Michelle and I had our fun (my parents joined us a little later). They bought a trampoline a couple days before and we decided to play a game Michelle and I played when we were younger. We got normal sized balloons, filled them with water and jumped on the tramp kicking them at each other until they exploded. It sounds lame but it is so fun! We probably did it for a few hours. Good thing it was a hot day because we got soaked!

Coop got stuck in a bucket...Random I know, but funny!

That night we headed up to the fireworks. While waiting, the kids lit sparklers. Ryker was loving it and doing a great job until he decided to look up and hold the sparkler over his face...I guess it's not a great idea to give a 16 month old sparklers. He was fine. The fireworks were a great way to end such a fun day!!


I spent a week back home last month. I hadn't been out in a while and my mom wanted me to come play. When I say "me" I actually mean Cooper & Ryker. I come with the package though.
We came up on Fathers day and after lunch at the Richs, we headed out to Lewiston for Carson's birthday party. Carson turned two and was so excited for his birthday! He did a great job blowing out his candles with a mixture of air and spit. Most of us passed on the cake after that. :)
My mom, Michelle and I went to the Parade of Homes in Cache Valley while I was there. It was fun to see all the houses and spend time looking at the homes. My aunt Susan even came out to join us one day.
Thanks for having us mom and dad! We'll be back soon!