Sunday, December 4, 2011


We check on the kids at night before we go to bed and this is what I found. Ryker fell asleep with his dog right on top of him. We got a good laugh.

First Snowfall

I always have to get a picture of the kids playing with the first snow of the season. This year it was November 5. They get so excited to go outside. It's usually the first thing they ask to do when they get up in the morning and realize it's out there. It usually doesn't last too long because soon they remember how cold snow is!


Once again, we had a wonderful Halloween this year. The weather was so warm and so we bundled up Sawyer and headed out to go trick-or-treating with the kids. It was fun to get to know the neighbors a little bit better, even though we've been here almost a year. The boys had a great time and got just enough candy that I didn't have to take and eat too much of it. :) This was the first year that I couldn't just choose cute costumes for them. Cooper wanted to pick his own and he decided on Darth Vader. He looked pretty neat. Ryker got to be a dragon. I'm glad he doesn't care too much about what he is for Halloween. I'm sure the time will come when I have to buy him his own costume to but he is content with Coop's old ones now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Coop's primary program was the Sunday before Christmas and my family decided to come down to watch. We decided to have a small party that evening for Halloween so my parents could see the kids in their costumes. The day was beautiful and we spent a lot of time outside. It was fun to spend time with the family.

Carving Pumpkins

The Friday before Halloween the Simmons came over to carve pumpkins with us. This has been a tradition for quite a few years and we had to keep it up. The night started with pizza and ended with roasted pumpkin seeds. What could be better?!!


We can't forget Grandpa Buttars! After I posted all of my pics from the hospital my dad let me know there weren't any pictures with him. The next time he was here I made sure to take a picture of Sawyer with Grandpa. Then the other boys had to jump in also. Love ya dad!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

So Far So Good

Brad went up to Logan Friday night to stay with the boys and my mom came down to stay with me. I've been feeling so good that yesterday we went to Walmart, Target and Taipan. Michelle came and met up with us. Sawyer did great and slept the whole time in his carseat.
Nights have been okay. He likes to wake up about every two and a half hours. It's a little rough, but it could be worse!!
The boys have loved holding him today. Coop keeps saying how cute he is. He was holding him and saying he was never going to stop holding him. Such good helpers!

Hospital Stay

I love staying at the hospital as long as possible. Yeah, the bed isn't the most comfortable and the food isn't the greatest, but I get to lay there and have people do everything for me. Who wouldn't love it??
We had visitors while we were there which I love! It was fun to visit and show off Sawyer. :)
My parents came and brought the kids down Wednesday afternoon. The boys loved seeing Sawyer. Ryker couldn't wait to hold him. Coop decided to pass. They brought Sawyer the cutest little dog. Sawyer gave Coop some Lego's and Ryker a truck. Of course the boys loved that!!

Just after my parents left Bill and Carol came down. Sawyer is the twenty-seventh grandchild. We were so glad that they came down and got some great pictures with them. Todd, Karrie and Reagan came while they were here also. It was so fun to visit!

Thursday night my girls came to visit. They brought some of the cutest gifts and one awesome Dr. Pepper cake. It was so fun to see them and visit. I miss living right by these gals!!

We headed home Friday morning. I was finally ready to come home. This recovery has been by far the easiest.

Sawyer William Rich

He's here and we couldn't be happier!! Especially me. So nice to not feel like I have a basketball in my stomach anymore.
Tuesday afternoon I headed in to my appointment with Dr. Spencer. I was feeling ready to have a baby, but he hadn't said anything about inducing me so I wasn't sure what would happen. With my previous babies I've had high blood pressure, but this time around I didn't so I didn't have an induction date yet. Two weeks before he'd checked me and I was a three but he hadn't checked me since. Well, he checked me and said I was a five plus. Then he asked me if I wanted to head to the hospital to have a baby. OF COURSE I DID!! He was nervous that I would go into labor and I wouldn't have time to get my full course of antibiotics because I was GBS positive this time around. I called Brad so excited and he came and picked me up and I headed home to pack. When Coop heard that I was going to have Sawyer he said, "Today is the most awesomest day ever!!" So cute!
Coop had his last soccer game that evening and luckily my parents were coming down to watch. Brad headed to the soccer game and waited for my parents while I packed everything at home. My parents got there and my nice dad filled in as coach so Brad could come back home and get me.
We arrived at McKay Dee around seven and they got me checked in and started on penicillin. They told me I couldn't have the baby before 11:15 because the antibiotic has to run for four hours. I was having some contractions but not a ton and was feeling pretty good. Around nine I started to have a little bit of pain so I asked for my epidural. I wanted to make sure I had it. They put it in and I was feeling great. At 10:45 they broke my water. I could tell the contractions started coming fast because I could still feel the pressure. Then the pain started coming again and I started to get nervous. I was pushing my button but nothing was happening!! Oh no!! I started getting flashbacks of Ryker's delivery. I told the nurse I was in pain and she paged the anesthesiologist. He came in an gave me a quick push of medicine and it kicked in about ten minutes later. Good thing because a little bit after that Sawyer was born!! I found out that I dilate so fast at the end that the epidural doesn't keep up with the pain. That's why he had to come give me more medicine. The MD came in and gowned up and I was more then ready to push. It was hard to wait. Two pushes later Sawyer was here. Easiest delivery ever!! He was born at 12:21 am on Wednesday, October 5. Weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounces, 20 inches long. He is my littlest baby and didn't have any bruising or cone head because everything went so fast. So perfect! He was wide awake for two hours after. He kept making these little moaning noises and squeaks. Thankfully that has stopped!

Me Before:

Happy family!

Dr. Spencer

Right after his first bath. He loved the heat lamp.

Farmington Flash Part Two

So, after a lot of thought we decided to put Coop in fall soccer. Spring soccer was a little bit of a struggle, but this time his friend Carson was going to be on his team so we felt a little bit better about our chances. We were glad we did because Coop ended up really liking it. He even scored a goal! We were so proud. He hustled with the best of them. He did have a pretty awesome coach to help him out. (Brad)Still not the most aggresive player, but he liked playing this time and that's what counts!!

New Neighbor

We discovered we had a new neighbor outside one day. He kept popping up on our driveway for a few days in a row until one day we went out and found that someone didn't like having him around and got rid of him. I stayed as far away as I could and so did the kids. It was fun watching him though. Coop wouldn't get any closer for the pics.

Apple Days

River Heights had their annual Apple Days festival in September. Coop was excited to decorate his bike and ride in the bike parade.

After they had a parade with floats and the kids got a ton of candy. They had a great time at the festival playing games after and we had a great time at the Aggie football game that night. They won!

Cute Ava and Ryker. They were born the same day! Practically twins. :)

I love how Ryker has scooted all the way forward in this swing. That can't be comfortable!