Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farewell Tyler!

Last month we drove up north to Logan to attend my nephew's farewell. He headed to Ft. Worth, Texas for his mission on April 6. The farewell was at 8:30 in the morning. It was a rough morning (Ryker screaming while being changed in the parking lot, Brad dropping the glass bowl and shattering it full of granola for the brunch afterwards, not being able to find clothes), but we made it! Tyler did an amazing job on his talk. The spirit was so strong in sacrament meeting. He will make a great missionary!

We took some pics of Ryker and Ava. They are basically twins. :) They were born the same day. They didn't love having pictures taken...typical two-year-olds!

Sneaky Leprechauns

On St. Patrick's day the leprechuans found us!! They even hid a bunch of green goodies under a chair that Cooper and Ryker had to find. Not only that, but they dyed our milk and eggs green. They might as well have just thrown it away because for some reason no one could eat or drink it after that! :)

Las Vegas

We packed up the fam and drove down to Vegas for the WAC tourniment the second weekend in March. We stayed at the Ashcrofts Wednesday night in St. George and drove to Vegas on Thursday. What a BUSY city. We stayed right on the strip but at the far end in some condos so we didn't have to deal with the casinos and it was so nice since we had our family there. We spent the weekend eating yummy food, watching the Aggie's win the tournament, shopping, walking, walking, walking and walking the strip (it's so much farther then you think...especially with kids!), swimming in the pool and visiting the Secret Garden at the Mirage. We even saw a celebrity...if you can call him that. We saw Scott Disick...Kortney Kardashian's boyfriend filming part of their reality show. He looked just like he does on TV...greasy.
Almost everyone in Brad's family was there along with everyone in my family so we were surrounded by great company. I would love to go back but I think we'll leave the kids. It's not such a kid friendly place. Wish I would've taken more pics!

Dad's 54th

My dad turned 54 on March 5 and we celebrated with a luau. It was so fun to spend time with the fam. We played Minute to Win it after the dinner and everyone did awesome!
We are so grateful that he is still with us and are reminded about that everytime a special even rolls around. It is so crazy to reflect on what he went through and what we went through as a family and realize how far we've come. There were times there when I was so scared my dad would never be the same and now we have the same wonderful father and grandpa back with us but. Not only that but he's healthier then ever. His cardiologist in Salt Lake told him that his cholesterol numbers were the best he's ever seen. We are so proud of you dad!! (Hopefully someone got better pics then i did :))

Love this one of my dad if you can ignore the huge light in the way. Did I REALLY not see that when I was taking the picture??

Snow Cave

My bro-in-law Eddie built his little boy Carson a snow cave in their back yard. Of course my boys had to climb in and play. It took him quite a while to make and was such a cool thing!

Help Me!

Ryker doesn't talk a ton but he knows these two words. Help Me! When he says it, it sounds more like "Elp Me" in a cute little voice. I heard these words the other day and went to investigate. Somehow he got in, but he couldn't get out. Silly kid!

Ryker's 2nd Birthday

Ryker turned two on February 23. He is getting so big and starting to look so much like a little boy instead of a little toddler. The night before his birthday I was baking his cake. I decided to bake him a little mini cake he could have for himself. I covered it and set it aside so that I could frost it the next day. I took a quick trip accross the street to deliver dinner and got back and found that Ryker had got a chair and found his cake. Early birthday cake for him. No remorse at all. :)
Ryker is really into the "No, David" books right now so I decided to make him a "No, David" cake. He loved it and kept pointing saying David. That evening we had family over for dinner and cake then Ryker opened his presents. He loved opening his gifts and I loved when it was over! :) We had a great time.

The guilty culprit

Birthday Breakfast. Waffles with raspberries and whipped cream. Yum!

The big party

We love Ryker so much! He is FULL of energy at this age. He is starting to talk quite a bit more and loves to say prayers. He is now in a big bed and we had to put a child lock on the handle because he just kept coming out. (Don't worry...we open the door once he's asleep). When he wakes up in the morning he usually has about ten books, ten blankets and ten stuffed animals scattered around him on his bed. What a fun little boy!