Monday, May 30, 2011


For Easter this year we headed up to Cache Valley. Saturday morning we made it early to the Lewiston easter egg hunt. We had to make sure we were on time!! Fortunately we made it in time, but for some reason my kids weren't quite as excited as I was. When the time came, I got a little too excited and I might have "encouraged" Ryker a little too much. I gave him a little push to go and he toppled right over. Then Carson (my nephew) fell right over him. It was pretty funny. My mom finished helping Ryker out until he got the hang of it and I headed over to check on Cooper.
Coop did really good and got a ton of eggs. The sad things was that he didn't get a "P" egg. A prize egg. He was pretty upset about it and didn't want to take any pictures after. We were all laughing because it was pretty funny. I did go up afterward and ask if they had any leftover prizes. Luckily they did, which helped a little bit.

After the Easter egg hunt. My parents had an Easter party that was so much fun! First we stopped at the farm to see some baby calves and kittens. The kids weren't too sure about the animals but they warmed up to them and even held the kittens.

Afterwards, we had a great lunch and on to the games. They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and the adults. The adult game was pretty competitive and my brother Stephen came out the big winner but I do have to say we all ended up pretty well off! They put so much work into it and hopefully it turns into a tradition! Coop even found a hidden egg a week later.

The Rich Easter party was next but before we headed there we stopped at Old Main hill to roll some Easter eggs. I love watching the kids with there little legs running down the hill as fast as they can. They think it's so fun to see the eggs exploding all over the hill.

We got to the Rich household just in time for an awesome Easter dinner. After dinner we were all stuffed but we had even more running to do because there were more Easter egg hunts to go on. The kids were first and Coop and Ryk did great. They got more cash to add to their loot and they were in heaven. The adults were next and it got competitive. The guys were nice enough to give the girls a fifteen second head start and we were off. We all found our eggs and both Brad and I were happy but we weren't the big winners...oh well!! :)

Easter day I woke up early to get ready for church. The boys had been up late so we decided to let them sleep in. I was so excited to see the boys find their Easter baskets but Ryker was the only one up before I left. I made Brad promise to take pictures when Coop woke up. Brad met up with me after sacrament meeting and then took off a little early from church with Ryker because Ryks wasn't feeling well. When I got home Brad had already put Ryker to bed for his nap so we didn't get a picture in our Easter clothes, but Coop and I got one.

My parents came down for Easter dinner. I was so excited they came. It's alwasy fun to spend time with them. After dinner they climbed into bed with the kids and I took this picture. I love it! What a great ending to a fabulous Easter weekend!!

A New Haircut

So, I totally thought that since I had boys I wouldn't have to worry about scissors in their hands. Well, turns out I was wrong. I left the kids in the kitchen for some innocent coloring and came back to find that Cooper had something else in mind.

I have no idea where this came from. He's never even talked about cutting his hair! I guess it's a good thing he's a boy though, because that would have been very hard to fix with a girl!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Not really! Most of you have probably heard already, but we are having another BOY in October!! I figure I'm destined to have boys. I'm slowly getting used to it. :) They are tons of fun so I guess that helps. My cute friend Georgana, who is having her third boy in September told me that she figures she'll save money that way. It's true!! These boys are good investments. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Antelope Island

For some reason Brad has wanted to go out to Antelope Island for quite a while. Me, I've never really felt the urge. We do have a great view of it out our back windows, but I was content just looking at it everyday. Nevertheless we found ourselves heading out there one Saturday in April. There is actually more to see out there then I thought.
We headed out to the Fielding Garr Ranch first and saw some animals, neat old farm equipment and old houses. I even found a plaque with my Great Great Grandfathers name on it. He was one of the original ranchers Brigham Young sent out here.

We headed to the beach next. I had no idea people go out there to swim, but there were showers and even a hamburger joint. Fun times!! Brad is all gung-ho to head back in the summer so they can actually swim. He's always wanted to try swimming in the Great Salt Lake. I think I might pass on that one. It kind of stinks out there...

The Visitor's Center was next. There were a few neat facts in there, but the neat thing was that there were buffalo outside. The kids really liked seeing them.

At the end of the day we were done and ready to be home (or at least I was), but it was good to get out as a family. Now I know what I'm looking at when I look out our windows. I'm also really excited to go back in another twenty years. :) Brad will be back this summer though. He's pretty pumped!!

Bear Lake

We hadn't been able to make it up to Bear Lake all winter so we decided to head up conference weekend with the Allreds. Saturday we took the snowmobile to the sinks sledding. The kids really like it but were nervous going down the hill. Since the snowmobile is probably over twenty years old, it took some talent getting it back up the hill but we worked it out. We stayed for a little while then it started rain/snowing and we headed back to the cabin.

When I got back to the cabin I realized my phone was missing. Crap! It wasn't in the car so I knew it must have been in my pocket sledding. I drove back up there praying the whole way. Well, once I got out of the car it was miserable. Blowing, and wet snow was coming down. I kept my eyes glued to the ground. I asked one lady if she'd seen one and she said she hadn't. I walked to the bottom of the sledding hill when all of a sudden I heard that same lady yelling at the top holding a phone!! I ran up and it was mine. She said someone had put it on one of the signs that I had walked right by! I had my eyes glued to the ground so I didn't see it. I guess she had felt bad for me and was coming to help me look when she saw it. I am so thankful for the power of prayer and nice people!!