Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is what we found when we were checking on Ryker before bed the other night. We had a good laugh. I can't believe he actually fell asleep with them on. They always look like they are squeezing his head when he wears them. So uncomfortable! Let's just say he has a big brain.. :)

Rich Pyramid

Last Sunday we had our first ever Rich family combined FHE. Bill had to end the night with a traditional pyramid. I think it was a success!

Farmington Festival Days

Since we are now residents of Farmington we decided to take part in the Festival Days. Saturday morning we went to the parade. It was so HOT but the kids still had fun. We managed to pick one of the only spots without shade. I guess it worked in our favor because we were kind of by ourselves and the kids got a TON of candy. We really got to the point where we didn't want to pick it up anymore. Crazy I know.

We went home right after to cool off, but then headed back up to the park for some music and lunch later on. Nothing beats the food at those things! The kids even got to pet some goats. We skipped the fireworks that night. We'll save them for next year!

Logan Pool

I stayed up in Lewiston after the Fourth because my parents ward was having their swim party and my parents wanted my kids to go. I was boring and didn't get in the water, but my parents and brother swam with the kids. I love the Logan pool. It is so great for kids! I feel bad I only got pictures of Ryker but Coop and my dad were there too!

Fourth Of July Weekend

Almost caught up!! For the Fourth we headed up to Logan Friday and went to the "Freedom Fire" at Romney stadium and watched Diamond Rio perform. I was a little worried about the kids sitting that long but they loved it. It worked out great because my family sat right in front of all Brad's family so I got both! I was surprised how many songs I knew that Diamond Rio sang.
The next morning we headed up to the cabin in Bear Lake. The weather was perfect for us this time. We went and sat on the beach and went boating. Bear Lake is so nice because it's just a relaxing trip. The kids can get a little crazy, but we always have such a great time up there. We even celebrated Bill's 75th Birthday. Happy Birthday Bill!! He is such a wonderful father-in-law!

Monday afternoon we headed over to Lewiston to catch a BBQ with my family. We got there just in time for some delicious food! My dad had purchased a bunch of tickets at the little festival at the park so we headed up to use them before the blow-up rides got taken down. By this point they were so hot the kids almost didn't want to play, but we forced them. :) I even went down the giant slide with Ryker. I'm sure that was a pretty sight with my huge belly. I almost topled backward climbing up the thing. It wasn't easy!! Ryker wasn't too sure about the ride that takes you up high.

He kind of whined the whole time, but he's a trooper!
After that, there was a huge waterfight. Michelle, my aunt Sonya and I, against Brad and Eddie. I would say it was a tie but Brad still contends that we are dirty players. He might have broken his toe also...oops. We were all pretty drenched, that included the inside of the house. Sorry mom!! That night were the fireworks. They were awesome as ever! Still love being able to sit right underneath them every year. My parents bought a bunch of fireworks and we went home and lit a few off before herding the kids to bed. Such a great Fourth!

Our attempt at a family pic. Ryker spilled water all down him. Nice of Eddy to join us. :)

Ryker getting nice and comfortable.

Cute Sonya & Rod

Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Boy!

Ryker has decided to start dressing himself some days. He came out of his room like this so pleased with himself. He had put both legs in one leg of his shorts and pulled them all the way up.

This kid is definitly the ham of the family. Always ready to laugh or cause a good laugh!


On the 18th of June we had a Buttars family reunion up at Downata. I wish more people would've come, but we still had a great time. We had a barbecue first and then jumped in the pools. The kids had a fun time swimming, but we were disappointed when we learned that you can't help kids down any of the slides. There was no way my kids would go down by themselves. I remember forming huge trains when I was little down those big, blue tube slides. I think it is ridiculous all the rules they have now days. Okay, enough of my soapbox. I hadn't been up there since Young Womens camp in high school and it had changed a little bit but we still had fun!

Awesome goggle lines.

Ryker was ready to take it all off...

Willow Park

While I was up in Cache Valley I was able to meet up with some of my favorite friends for lunch at Willow Park. It's crazy to see how many kids we have! :) It was fun to let them run around and play together and catch up with my friends. We even got a group picture thanks to Nikki's little boy Karsten.


The next week in June we didn't have anything going on so the kids and I decided to head up to Lewiston. We had a great time helping grandpa in the garden and riding the tractor!


Our busy week ended with Lagoon on Friday with my family. We were going to get season passes this year because we live so close, but decided since I have to pay the same and can't ride the rides that we'll wait. My dad got ten dollar tickets so of course we were in. The kids loved it. We tried to get there right when they opened which was good because that day was so CROWDED!! We were able to get on a few rides pretty fast before the lines got too long. We decided to leave around four with the intent on going back later that night. We got back that night around eight and the lines were still LONG. I guess it didn't help that we went on a Friday. We were able to catch a few rides before it closed. I can't wait until next year when I can actually ride the rides! Coop's favorite ride was the Bombora. Brad took Ryker on that along with the Tidal Wave. He was barely tall enough to go on them. I had to explain to Brad that just because Ryker could ride the rides, didn't mean he necessarily should. He had the tightest grip on the Tidal Wave and he couldn't even hold his head up on the Bombora. He was a trooper though!

Coop was NOT HAPPY about being wet from the HydroLuge. He still smiled for the pic though.