Sunday, October 21, 2012


Just hanging out in the wagon under an umbrella...

Bear Lake

The second weekend in August we headed up to the cabin in Bear Lake to hang out with the Rich family. We hadn't been together up there for a long time and the kids were so excited to play with their cousins. We decided to go a day early so we could be up there by ourselves for a bit. Our friends the Cooks were up there and we met up to go boating. Once we got out to the boat, we decided it was too cold to really get in the water so we drove around a bit and played on the beach.
We had so much fun up there with the family!


My mom, Michelle and I decided to take a trip out to Vernal to visit my aunt and grandma. The ride there was a little crazy with all of us in one car. That equaled five kids under five and three moms going crazy! We pulled in around nine that night and stopped at Cafe Rio. We all ordered and headed to Susan's house about ten minutes away. Right when we got there I realized I didn't have my salad. SERIOUSLY!?? I was so ticked and I barely got an apology when I went back in. Yup, I guess it was my fault they didn't put my salad in my bag. Then I drove back to Susan's and we realized they didn't give my sister her dressing. ??!! Oh well. It seemed like such a big deal then, but now it's funny. We were just so worn out that night! We ended up staying at my aunt Susan's house and she wasn't even there. It was really nice of her to let us crash her house. The kids loved feeding the horses in the back. They stayed out there forever. You have to blow up the picture of Coop and the horse. Afterwards, I saw that the horse was smiling too. See for yourself.
Later that day we took the kids and met up with my Aunt Sonya and grandma at the splash park. Ryker decided that he wanted some candy but we told him he had to go get wet first. Well, he cried and threw a fit forever before he finally went and stuck his hand in the water, crying the whole time. He decided it wasn't that bad, but then he came back crying anyway. He must have been tired that day.
Ryker ticked about having to get in the water.

Hanging with Dad

The first of August Coop and Brad headed with Todd and Bridger to Timpanogos Cave. Brad said Coop did such a great job hiking up the long, steep trail. Afterward they went and floated the Provo river. It was a full day but a fun day for them! Coop was worn out that night.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hayden's Home

The end of July we headed to the airport to see my nephew Hayden come home from his mission to Mexico. It was so fun watching him see everyone again. I love when missionaries come home. It's so fun to see how much they've grown physically and spiritually in those two years.

Cousin Visit

Michelle came and stayed with us a few nights and we had a great time together. Here are a few cute pics.

Ryker Tastes Good!

Well, apparently Ryker tastes good. At least that's what the mosquitoes must think. Poor kid woke up one morning covered in bites. Someone had left our basement door open and we have plently of mosquitoes that would love to come in. For some reason Ryker and myself and the ones these dang bugs like to attack. Coop shares a room with him and didn't even have any. This picture doesn't even do it justice. He had at least eighteen on his face alone. There have been a few other times when a door is left open and we have mosquitoes galore in our house but we learned our lesson and now coat the boys in OFF.

The Fourth

Gotta love the Fourth of July in Lewiston! It's so fun to go "home" and see people that I haven't seen in a while and re-live the traditions that I have been experiencing for as long as I can remember. Brad wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay home this year and we missed having him! First the parade and the park in the morning. I felt like there was a TON of salt water taffy this year. Hello! I want the good stuff. It's not just my kids that eat the candy. :) That's okay though. The boys still had a good time. At the park they played on the bounce houses and ran through the water from the fire hose. Well, Cooper ran through the water. I don't think the other boys wanted to. After waiting a VERY long time for the kids lunch (seriously like at least a half was bad) we decided to head back to my parents house.
Back at home the kids swam in the kiddie pool and we actually let them get in the irrigation ditch this year. Crazy I know. We grew up swimming in the nasty ditch and were fine so we figured we might as well let our boys experience it before they get rid of it in the fall.
Classic Sophie face. So funny. Love that girl!
That night we went back up to the the baseball field to watch the fireworks. We had bought sparklers and poor Ryker burned his hand. In almost every picture he is blowing on his hand. The fireworks were kind of funny this year. Usually they do a really big ending but this year no one realized they were over and the lights came back on. It was a little weird but I love being able to sit right underneath the fireworks when they were going off. It's so fun to be able to let my kids experience the same things I did growing up.