Sunday, March 18, 2012

They are pretty sneaky..

Those dang leprechauns found our house for St. Patricks day and the boys were pretty excited to see what tricks they pulled. They turned the water in the sinks and toilet green, left their footprints on the counters, spilled candy all over the floor and trapped Cooper and Ryker in their rooms. It was alright with the boys though, because they found the treasure that was left for them after a fun treasure hunt. The leprechuans left our milk and eggs alone this year because last year I think they realized that the boys wouldn't touch them if they were green. I'm pretty glad about that because I wouldn't want to waste a gallon of milk. :)

Love my Boys!!

I took a few pics of the boys the other day. I just love being a mom of boys so much. They are each so special to me. It's so fun to see their personalities develop each and every day. It makes me sad to realize how much time has passed since I had Cooper. There are days when I just want them to grow up because sometimes I think it will be easier when their older, but whem I think of that day coming it makes me so sad. Though these days can be long and difficult sometimes, I try to remind myself how fast it flies by and take time to cuddle my little ones a bit tighter.

Papa's Birthday

A couple weeks ago my fam came down to surprise my dad and celebrate his birthday. He headed to the trampoline place in Kaysville and had a great night! Poor little Ryker got quite the cold earlier in the day so Brad stayed home with him and Sawyer. We will have to head back soon because I'm sure Brad and Ryker would love it. Dad, hope you had a Happy Birthday!! Love ya!

Jump, Jump!

This little boy would sit in his bouncer all day if I let him. He sure loves it. He's fallen asleep a couple times. It's the cutest thing ever!

Oh Brother...

This is what happens if I leave poor Sawyer alone with his brothers for a bit. He didn't mind it one bit!

Long Winter Days

My boys get so creative when they have to spend so much time indoors!!

One Happy Baby!

Love this little guy!!

Happy 3 Birthday Ryker!!

Ryker's birthday was February 23. He was so excited to get to open presents himself. We woke both the boys up early so that we could hurry and have a fun birthday breakfast before Coop was off to preschool. Ryker loved the presents and was so excited to see his Batman cake I told him I would make. It turned out alright. I tried some homemade fondant this time and I learned a lot so hopefully next time it will turn out a bit better. This time it didn't matter because Ryker loved it anyway!!
That evening we met up with our friends the Bowen's and headed to Chuck E Cheese. Pretty exciting. :) They loved playing the games by themselves. Afterwards, we came back to our house for cake and ice cream.
I can't believe my little Ryker man is three. I still remember so well driving to the hospital on the day I was going to be induced with him. He has been such a fun little boy to have. Such an easy going baby and a funny little toddler. He is always willing to offer up a smile and get a laugh. Even when he isn't trying, he can get people laughing. There is just something special about this little guy!! We love you Ryker!

Big Brother

Ryker was so excited to feed Sawyer a bottle. I got him all set up and he loved it. I was pretty excited thinking that I had two little boys that could help Sawyer with his bottles. Well, the next time I asked them to help out they quickly passed. I guess one time was enough for both of them.

First Food

In the middle of February when Sawyer was four and a half months I decided it was time to start rice cereal...or so I thought. This little stinker likes to wake up about three times a night still, so I wanted to see if feeding him would help me get a bit more sleep. Well, the pictures pretty much tell the whole story. He cried and yelled and just wanted to suck his finger. It didn't help with the whole sleep thing either. I decided to wait a few weeks and now that he's almost six months he is starting to eat a lot better.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Last month we packed up the family and headed to Orlando. My parents were nice enough to invite us along on their trip.
We left on Sunday the 12th and arrived about 11:30 that night. We were a little discouraged when we stepped out of the plane and FROZE!! It was forty degrees when we got there. What!!?? After a quick stop at Wendy's and a room change we finally settled in for the night.
Monday we decided we didn't want to hit any theme parks because we knew we were probably going to sleep in. When we finally woke up, we found a local citrus farm and went and picked our own oranges and grapefruit. The kids loved pulling the oranges off the trees and putting them in the bags. They also had the yummiest fresh squeezed frozen orange juice!! I wish I could grow my own oranges and grapefruits! They tasted so much better there! The weather had warmed up and it felt so good. It was nice to just hang out and relax all day.

Tuesday was Valentines Day and MAGIC KINGDOM! So much fun!! I just love that place. It was so much fun to watch my kids experience the magic for the first time. Even with the millions of people everywhere we never had to wait in line for longer then fifteen minutes. Sawyer did so great and just hung out in his carseat all day. Coop loved Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. Ryker loved Winnie the Pooh. I can't pick a favorite because I think they are all great. One of the highlights of the day was our Pineapple float. Those things are so yummy!! We didn't wait in line to see too many characters because we wanted to ride all the rides, but we saw Mickey and Minnie right before leaving and Ryker was beyond thrilled. Brad said it was the cutest thing he's ever seen. I was out waiting with Sawyer and missed it but at least I have a picture!

Wednesday it was going to be around 80 degrees so we decided to hit Blizzard Beach. It was a bit of a bust. I thought it was really fun but the boys weren't really that into swimming and it was pretty crowded so the lines were kind of long. I think it was hard also because Sawyer wasn't feeling very well and was pretty fussy. The slides we were able to hit were great. Brad and my dad even braved the biggest slide there that gets you going 60 mph. There was no way I was going to do that one!!

Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom. I LOVED Animal Kingdom. This was my first time there and it was so neat. There were so many neat animals to see and we loved the Finding Nemo show. The Lion King show was really neat too. The Everest rollarcoaster was for sure one of our favorites also. One of the neatest rides was the Safari. You get so close to the animals. You really felt like you were in Africa. The landscape was beautiful and so were the animals.

Everest Rollercoaster in the background

Kimodo Dragon above Coop's head

Biggest, nastiest, bats ever. You can see it hanging upside down in between two of the poles.

Why does Ryker have his shirt off? Well, he got it wet and was freaking out that it was wet. Why does Ryker have my nursing cover on in the next picture? Well, we had been waiting in the line for the Safari and had passed about ten workers in the line, but right at the end one of them said that Ryker couldn't ride without a shirt. Well, his shirt was back at the stroller so we had to made due with what we had. Well, at least he got on but I'm sure he's going to hate seeing this picture someday. :)

Friday was another relaxing day. We slept in and my mom and I hit some outlets while the boys Mini-golfed. Then were headed over to Downtown Disney. The Lego store was a huge hit with the boys. They could have stayed there for quite a while. It was fun to see some of the other stores there. Brad found a water taxi that he wanted to ride so since we had some time to kill we hopped on and rode around for a bit. It was raining a bit and so it was nice to be covered and go on a little boat ride. It was really nice to have days to relax on this trip!

Saturday we got up early because we had an appointment at Deseret Ranch to go on a tour. Deseret Ranch is the largest cattle ranch in the United States and it's owned by the church. It was so interesting to go learn more about it. We took a little tour in a bus where we saw some crocodiles and a turtle. It's so crazy to me that crocodiles are just hanging out in the wild. I guess you would get used to it, but if freaks me out! They also told us about how they used crushed shells to pave the roads and they took us to there shell piles where we were able to get some really neat shells. After the Ranch we went to the beach for a bit. I didn't get any pictures, but the boys loved running around and even found some friends to build a sandcastle with. That night we ate at a restaurant called The Dockside in Kissimmee. It was so yummy we would totally recommend it to anyone headed to Orlando!!

Sunday we woke up EARLY and caught our seven AM flight back to Salt Lake. The boys actually did pretty good on the planes for the most party. I think the hardest one was Ryker and I was most worried about Sawyer. It's so crazy how fast these trips fly by. I am so grateful for the memories we made on this trip and thankful to my parents for inviting us!