Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coop is Six!

Coop turned six back in November and I'm still trying to figure out where the past six years have gone. I still remember so clearly rocking him as a baby while he was crying and thinking it would never end, and now it has and then some. It's strange for me to have a little boy now that questions me. That decides I might not be the neatest mom ever and that since his friends aren't doing it, he obviously shouldn't have to either. I don't think I was quite prepared for this. I think that when you have your first, you aren't really prepared for them to hit each stage of life as they grow up. He was always my little shadow and quick to give me a smile. I always thought he would want to hang out with mom instead of playing with friends, but those days are quickly fading in my memory. I'm so proud of him for growing up to be such an independent kid, but I could do without the whining and eye rolling. Even with all that, I still think he is one of the cutest, sweetest kids I know. The night before his actual birthday my parents came down along with Michelle's family. Coop was in heaven with the cake that grandma brought and the early toys from everyone. He was so excited to open them and hang out with his cousins. I am so grateful my cute family took the time to drive down here and spend it with Coop. Coop's birthday breakfast consisted of the usual birthday waffles but first he had to open his presents. He was pretty excited about them all. Especially the Ninjago Legos. Ryker is almost as excited as Cooper because it's almost like his birthday too. They share all their toys and I remember it being the same way for me when my sister had her birthday when we were little. That night we got a babysitter for Ryker and Sawyer and took Coop to Texas Roadhouse. It was so neat to be able to focus all our attention on Cooper. You can tell that they love it when they are the only child there. Every year I promise Cooper a party and I always feel bad because it never happens! I feel like once Thanksgiving is over, I'm partied out and his birthday follows it right up. I told him we'd have a half-birthday party this year. It's more fun when you can have it when it's warm outside anyway!