Sunday, September 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we were with my family. We started early that day and had our Christmas party where we exchanged gifts. Last year Brad wrapped dolls up and gave them to the little boys with a pretty good reaction. Well, this year Michelle decided to get Brad back. She made a shirt with a target on it, wrapped it up and gave it to Brad. He opened it up and was a little confused for a sec until we blasted him with silly string. It was pretty funny. That night we went over to Kent & Robyn's house for dinner. I don't get to see their family enough so it's always fun to visit and catch up. We took our annual picture. It's fun to see how much the families have grown. After dinner we went back to mom and dad's and opened up our Christmas jammies. The boys were pretty happy with theirs. We all put our PJs on...well all of us except Brad...and drove back to Farmington excited for Santa to come!

Christmas Sunday

The Sunday before Christmas we had a full day. I'm in charge of choir so I had the Christmas program to worry about. Everything went great and I'm always so relieved when it's over. We took a few pictures in our Christmas church clothes and then we got ready to head down to the Rich family Christmas party. This year we had it before Christmas because we weren't going to be around after. The Aggies were playing in the Poinsettia Bowl the day after Christmas and a bunch of us were going down. We drove down to the Plummer's house in Draper and about half way there I realized I forgot the toys for the Grinch. Oops! We had to make a quick stop at Smith's. We had such a fun time at the party. Loved eating a yummy meal and opening presents with family. This year for the make-gifts I had Burke and Blake had me. I made Burke a cute candy jar and Blake gave me some great quiet books for the kids for church. Brad had Logan and Lori had him. He made Logan quite the potato gun and Lori made him a really neat hot chocolate gift bag. I can't quite remember who had the boys names but they were pretty excited for their gifts too. Before we went home the Grinch came and visited the kids. They love when the Grinch comes because he brings them some toys and gives them a hard time. It's pretty funny.