Friday, July 31, 2015

Oil & Water

Ryker and Sawyer are like oil and water. They just don't mix! There are few occasions when they are getting along with just
each other and when I see them, I make sure to snap a pic!


The Easter bunny came! For some reason I didn't get a picture of the kids with their baskets. We made sure to get a family picture after church though! Love this cute family of mine. There is also a picture of my Brad and I which shows my pregnant belly. I didn't take too many of those so it's fun to see. The kids raced around the back yard collecting their eggs after church. I love seeing the look in their eyes right when they spot an egg. They are always so intense.

Early Easter in Bear Lake

We made it up to Bear Lake for our Easter egg hunt with grandma Carol. Our numbers were pretty few this year. We had to do two Easter egg hunts because part of the family couldn't make it until later and the rest of the family had to leave before they came up. It was only our kids along with Todd and his kids for the first hunt. Needless to say, the kids did not suffer. They were still pretty excited to find all the money in the eggs. It was fun watching them run around. Sawyer loved being pushed on the swing. So much so that we noticed he'd gone quiet and had fallen asleep right in the swing. It was pretty funny. We made sure to head down to the driving range with the boys. I think they are all developing Brad's love of gold. I love the picture where they are all at their individual spots and hitting golf balls. It is always so serene out on the lake. It relaxes you just being there.

Love Hate

So our family definitely had a love/hate relationship with Brad's motorcycle. Brad loved it and I hated it. Only because I would get nervous when he drove it around for work on the freeway. There were times I remember prayer when I would hear Brad leave every morning that he would get back home safely. We were lucky because he really did get in a few wrecks, none too serious. I used to really enjoy riding it around Logan, but once we had kids and lived in a busy area I never seemed to have the chance to ride. Also, I feel like I'm getting more nervous in my old age. Brad finally decided he didn't really enjoy riding his bike around for work either, so he made the decision to sell it. The kids were pretty upset and I think Brad was to when it came down to it. Maybe he will get another one in the future.

Perfect Age

Being two Sawyer is the perfect age to fit inside our clock! Brad decided to try it out one day. Now I just have to make sure that he doesn't try getting in there himself!


The boys were out doing tricks on the trampoline and they wanted me to take pics. Well, I didn't get any of their tricks but I did capture their personalities. Love my boys!