Friday, September 28, 2007

Cell Phone

Okay, so it's kind of strange for this to be my first blog post...but it has been bugging me all day. I left my phone in Logan last weekend and I haven't had it all week! Let me just say that you have no idea how much you will miss a cell phone until you don't have one. Well, Bill sent it in the mail on phone. We called the post office and lucky for us...(kind of)...Bill had put insurance on the phone for $100. BUT...the phone was marked as having arrived on TUESDAY. Yeah, so I'm a little upset at the thought of never getting my phone back!!! We all know $100 doesn't cover that much of a phone and it stinks to know that if I had just remembered to get it I wouldn't have to worry about it. postal carrier either doesn't know what they are doing, or has a nice, new phone with all my numbers and pictures..basically my whole life!!