Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dallin's Wedding

It was a beautiful day on Temple Square for Dallin to get married. We were so excited for him and Laurel. I decided to take Harper because there would be someone to watch her for me while I was in the temple. Mom and I took a few selfies while we were waiting for the cute couple to get out of the temple.

Sawyer's Asleep

The other day Sawyer was in his room. It had been quiet for a while and so I decided to go check on him. I tried to push open his door and realized that he was sleep right beside it. Not only that, put he was half naked! I love these cute little moments to remember.

Harper is 4 Months!

This cute little girl continues to steal our hearts with her sweet smile! She gets plenty of attention from all her brothers. We love our little chunk. At church the other day I was watching her in Relief Society and realized that Brad had put her dress on backwards when he was getting her dressed. I thought it was so funny and sweet at the same time. This daddy is getting used to a little girl!

Sawyer is 3!

Sawyer was pretty excited for his 3rd birthday. We had a yummy waffle breakfast and he opened presents. Then Nana, Papa, Stephen and Chelsey come down later and brought a pinata. We had a hard time breaking it, but finally Coop took a big swing and all the candy fell out. We sure do love our Sawyer!

This is the Place

We went and spent the night in Salt Lake at the Marriott because Brad had work. Before we headed to our hotel we decided to go up to This is the Place monument. The grass was so green and it was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed just walking/running around as a family and looking at the different monuments. It was peaceful and so nice to spend time with family.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pack's Pumpkin Patch

This year we made it to the pumpkin patch early. We decided to go the end of September which is right when they open so that we could avoid the crowds and have the best selection. Wow! What a selection we had. There were neat pumpkins everywhere. We found more pumpkins then we needed but we everywhere we looked there was an ever better one then before. The sky was beautiful because a storm was blowing in. We will have to make sure to go early again next year!

Soccer Season

This year Coop was our only boy that played soccer. He had a great time and is learning a lot!


Ryker sure loves spending time playing with, and holding Harper. She loves all the attention for her sweet brothers.