Sunday, May 30, 2010

Itty Bitty Baseball

So on to round two of Itty Ball. It was baseball this time and once again Coop loved MOST of it. This time he was put on the same team as three of his friends. That meant quite a bit of distraction but he loved being with his friends. He did pretty good participating, but he could be found sitting down or messing around with friends quite a bit. That's okay because the whole reason we put our kids in these things is so the moms can go sit and visit and then take trips to the mall and the park afterwards. It works out great!! :)

Don't drink the Water!

So, a couple weeks ago it seemed everyone in my neighborhood was getting sick. In talking to my neighbors we figured it was some nasty flu bug going around. This flu bug, we figured, was pretty bad because it was taking people quite a while to get over it. It hit Cooper for a few days, then it moved on to Brad. Ryker had it a little but luckily I was spared. Well, come to find out it was C-coli in the water! Yummy! The water was chlorinated and is apparently clean again but now smells like a swimming pool. That's okay! I'll take chlorine over C-coli any day!


This year Coop was in a playgroup with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. They have become some of his greatest friends. This was the last time I was in charge of playgroup and they painted some awesome pictures. These pictures were by best attempts at getting everyone looking and smiling.


Every year a bunch of my friends from high school get together at Hogle Zoo. I always have the best time with these cute girls. I couldn't believe how big all the kids have grown. We did get a group picture but I'm still waiting for it to be emailed....Georgana....haha
Afterwards Nikki and I stayed at the park there for a bit and were saying how that was probably the kids favorite part. They loved the animals, but what's better then being able to run free??