Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

It seems like I don't have very many pictures of my birthday ever since I got married. I think it's because I'm usually the one taking the pictures so it isn't very often I'm taking pics of myself. This year Brad gave me a new lens for my camera and so we decided to test it out. That's how I got a picture of myself holding one of my favorite cupcakes. Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Time to go find us a Christmas tree! We sure love going to get a tree every year. This year we stopped at a spot that wasn't very convenient. You had to slide down a hill, walk a bit and then climb right up a mountain on the other side. After some seriously trekking, and a lot of indecisiveness on my part, we finally found a couple "perfect" tree's. Mom stayed down with the kids because it was too much climbing. They had fun playing on the frozen stream. The hardest part was trying to drag the trees back up the hill to the car. I was trying to get Sawyer up the hill and slipped. It was pretty funny. My mom went sledding down the side of the hill with the boys on their bums. They thought that was pretty neat that they didn't even need a sled. Once the trees were ready to go, and after a few pics, we headed back home. With it being Coop's birthday we decided to go and see the new Disney movie Frozen that night in Logan. The boys really liked it and the whole way home Sawyer kept singing "Let It Go" over and over again. It sounded more like "Let It Doe". Such a fun day with this cute family of mine!

Happy 7th Birthday Coop

Coop had been begging for forever to get his own IPod. We finally broke down and got him one for his birthday. He was pretty excited to open it. After opening presents we had our traditional birthday breakfast and then got ready to head up to Logan. His birthday was a day before Thanksgiving this year and we were heading up to get a Christmas tree.

Cooper's Birthday Party

We told Coop he could have a birthday party this year. I had been promising him one for a while, but it seems like every time his birthday rolls around we are really busy and it never gets done. He was so excited to finally get one. We decided on an airplane theme because he loves making paper airplanes. We set up an airplane folding station and then planned games as well. Before the party Cooper folded some really great airplanes and made sure to let everyone know not to touch them. The sign was so cute I had to get a picture. Of course during the party it was craziness, but Coop has such a great group of friends his age. It was fun to watch them all play together. After everything was over, I was pretty tired and glad that my boys only get parties every other year. So glad Coop could have so much fun though!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where's Sawyer?

I catch myself saying this a lot lately, and I don't usually like the results when I find him!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


We had a busy Halloween this year. Unfortunately Ryker and Cooper had things at the exact same time. Ryker had a little preschool program and Cooper had his costume parade at school. I decided to go with Ryker and Brad went with Cooper. Ryker did so great singing in his program and Cooper had a lot of fun showing off his costume. Later that afternoon we hurried and carved our pumpkins. I can't believe it took us so long to get them carved this year. I didn't know if we were even going to get it done, but after finding these pumpkins at the patch, we couldn't let them go to waste. We whipped out some pretty cool pumpkins. After a yummy dinner, we were out to go trick or treating. We discovered that Ryker doesn't like chocolate candy and he made sure to let everyone that would listen know it. Especially those that only had chocolate to hand out. Embarrassing! Sawyer was not scared to run up and grab whatever he wanted and we didn't see Coop for a lot of the night because he was off with friends. I love Halloween! Trick or treating is the best with kids!

Halloween Party

We all get so excited for the Halloween party that Carol throws every year. Fall is my favorite time of year and it seems like everything is always so much more fun! Carol had already decorated the garage by the time everyone got there and it looked so festive! This year Sawyer was a golfer, Ryker was Patriotic Iron Man and Coop was Harry Potter. The kids loved playing games and the little costume parade. A favorite of the night was watching some of the older boys tasting the jelly beans. Carol had gotten some of the Harry Potter ones that were gross and they had to taste them and guess which ones they were. It was pretty funny watching some of the reactions. I wasn't feeling that great and had started getting vertigo. Everyone knew I wasn't feeling well and it came out that I was six weeks pregnant! This is the first time I haven't been able to hide it for three months. Brad and I didn't dress up, but every year I am sad we didn't. Hopefully next year we can figure out something fun!