Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Camera I have a question for everyone. Since I'm done with school Brad said that I could get a camera for graduation. I'm not sure what I I am posting to get suggestions. I don't need anything really fancy because I don't know a lot about cameras. I was thinking something with a really good zoom lens (around 10x zoom) and also a high megapixel...but I don't want to spend a thousand dollars. If anyone can help me let me know!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our family had such a fun weekend. Friday night we dressed up and went to our ward party. We have a really young ward, so it was just crazy the whole night with little kids running around. It makes it fun. Saturday night was another party. Our friends Melissa and Tom decided to have a Halloween party this year and they went all out. Their house looked amazing in all the Halloween decorations. She spares no expense and gave out door prizes where I won a cute Cookie Lee necklace and earrings. We had so much fun at their house with all our friends! Thanks for hosting another fun party Melissa!

Our dressed-up family!

Calder Family

Soren in his cow costume

Time for a Haircut!

We finally gave Coop his first "real" haircut with the clippers. We were going to be taking pictures (which didn't happen) so we decided to cut it. Well, I'm glad we didn't take pictures because I couldn't believe we cut it so short. He is still the cutest though. He's also started doing these cheesy grins and so we had to take a picture!


After--along with a grin!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little Skunk

So, I decided to be really prepared for Halloween this year and buy Coop his costume early...the only problem is I have to wait so long to put him in it! Well, I decided to take some pics while grandpa and grandma were here. The black nose made of mascara didn't work too well this time, but hopefully I'll have it down by Halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Girls Night Out

Okay, so being married is great and everything...but how much fun is it to get away with all the girls? This past Friday night I headed up to Park City and met up with five of my best friends. We stayed over at Deer Valley and had such a great time. We got in the hot tub, did facials, and stayed up until three in the morning...something I haven't done by choice forever. Saturday we went shopping at the outlets and finished it off with a trip to TJMAXX!! We decided to make sure we do something like that every year, which is great was so much fun I think we might do it more often!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Okay, so today I finally took my NCLEX-RN exam. Yes, I was done with school in December and I am just getting around to it. I wasn't in any rush because I'm staying home with Coop, but I needed to get it done. Well, the tests are hard and I have been studying and I am so glad it's over!!! No more nursing books! I don't know if I passed until next week, but I'm hopeful.....
Oh yeah, I also found my phone! They had delivered it to the wrong address and the girl finally brought it to me on Satuday....yes...I'm grateful, but I was so stressed!!