Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Temple Square

We decided to head to Temple Square the week before Christmas this year. Before we hit Temple Square, we went to the Gateway to see Santa. BIG mistake. First we walk into the building and the first thing we hear is, "Here are our photo packages to choose from. The cheapest is thirteen dollars." Oh, okay...I check out Santa. He is on his cell phone!! Yup Santa needs to converse with the elves apparently. Brad and Coop stood there waiting for Santa to finish his call and then we slowly walked up to Santa. Santa just stared at us. I kept thinking he would say HO HO HO or something but NOTHING. We told Coop to go sit on his lap and obviously he didn't want to. Finally Santa speaks with the words, "Well, I guess you can try again next year." Thanks for the advise Santa!! We won't come to you again!
We headed to Temple Square afterwards and this was a much better part of the night. It was beautiful like always! Coop really loved it this year and Ryker did great in his stroller. So fun!

We came up to the reflecting pond and Coop got so excited. They had Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the middle of the pond. Coop turns to us and says, "MOM!! They are getting baptized!" Funny little guy!

We headed up the street to stay at the Kimball for the night. Thanks to Bill and Carol for giving us a night there! It was wonderful and hopefully we'll make it a tradition!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I know I have a whole month to cover but before I get to that I had to post this. Tonight for FHE we were talking about New Years resolutions and goals. Brad and I explained to Cooper, as best we could, what resolutions and goals were. I asked Coop for a family goal for next year. He said, "Love each other more." Great...we are off to a good start. After that he was on a roll:

1. Don't touch the lights because you will get burned.
2. Don't throw your jacket in the snow because it will get wet.
3. Don't touch ladybugs.
4. Don't touch worms.
5. Don't touch Christmas trees because they will fall over.
6. Fly in a rocket ship for our family vacation.
7. Fly in a spaceship to get some metroshkas.

Well, one out eight isn't half bad! haha The wisdom of a three year old. Coop was so serious the whole time and Brad and I had to hide the laughter!