Friday, August 28, 2009

Six Months

Ryker hit the six month mark the same day as my mom's birthday. I feel like with Coop I couldn't wait until he reached the next stage but with Ryker I feel like all of a sudden he is so big!! He is still such an awesome little guy. He is more sensitive then Coop and still lets me cuddle him. He LOVES his food and will hardly spit any out. It's been so nice for me to actually enjoy feeding a baby. He is sitting up for the most part but we still have to watch him because he likes to fall over. It makes me sad that time is flying by this fast, but I love seeing the little boy he is turning into. We love you Ryker!!


Length : 27.25" 75%
Weight: 18 lb 14 oz 75%
Head: 45 cm 75%

Brad's 31st

Brad's birthday was Wednesday and we were excited to celebrate. Probably more then Brad was...haha Anyway, we started the morning off with some waffles and then he headed to work. That night we headed off to his favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse for a yummy dinner then back home for some cheesecake. He bought his own present this year...a new driver...and he made sure to put it to the test this week already playing 36 holes of golf. Hopefully this isn't a new trend....Love ya honey!!


Last weekend I headed up to Lewiston once again. This time it was to celebrate my mom's birthday--love ya mom!! I had a great time and it went by too fast like usual.


Mom's Birthday

First Foods--Green Beans. Yum!!

"Walking" under the counter..he got a little stuck and he wasn't happy about it. I love the second picture because it looks like they are already best buds. Hopefully it stays that way. :)

Annual Rich Campout

This year the Rich campout was a lot smaller the normal. I decided to stay home with Ryker and Coop and Brad went up to Big Cottonwood to join the Todd Rich family. Coop loved sleeping in the car with Brad. They also went fishing and saw a Moose. Hopefully Ryker and I will be able to go next year!!




His hair was driving me crazy so we decided to trim it up a bit. As the second picture shows, he wasn't a fan of the clippers!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bear Lake

Brad's brother Mike and his family were visiting from New Jersey so we decided to meet everyone up at Bear Lake. We were so excited to go swimming in the lake. We haven't been all year. Well, turns out the weather was 50 degrees on Saturday. No swimming for us! We still had a great time playing games and just hanging out with family.

Alpine City

My cute friend Melissa told me about this cool water park in Alpine in front of the city offices (I think). Anyway it has a little river with rocks in it. The rocks have fountains in them that shoot up. They also have one of those splash fountains. I'm not sure what they're called. It's like the one at the Gateway. We decided to meet up last week and play since it was HOT. It's so fun to hang out with Melissa and her kids. One, because she is AWESOME and two, because both of our kids are so close in age. Coop and Kolman are one week apart and Ryker and Kate are one day apart. The water was just right and I seriously wanted to get in and just lay down with the kids. Maybe next time :)

Ryker & Kate

Coop & Kolman

Melissa & Kate

Kolman loved getting his hair wet, so Coop decided to try it out..he wasn't as much of a fan

Rice Cereal

This year I decided to put off rice cereal a little bit. With Coop for some reason I was in such a hurry to get him on solid foods. Maybe because it was a first and I was excited. (I have NO idea was a PAIN) Ryker wasn't a huge fan of it, but at least he ate it, for the most part (see picture below) haha. A couple days later I tried mixing it with just water instead of formula and he LOVED it. Not I feed him in seriously like three minutes. AWESOME!! Now on to baby food....