Sunday, October 19, 2014

San Diego

Well, the day after Christmas was an EARLY day for our family. The Aggies were headed to San Diego to play in the Poinsettia Bowl and we couldn't miss it! That meant waking up at four in the morning and driving to San Diego. We made it in record time!! That's one advantage of waking up that early. The boys were begging to go swimming right when they saw the pool out the window from our room. It is nice to go from snow and cold to sun and warm in the same day. Brad made sure we were out of the pool in time for the game. The game was amazing! There wasn't a whole ton of people there so we could get pretty close in our seats. The Aggies beat N. Illinois so the whole trip was worth it! The next day we traveled up the coast to the beach house Rob and Aki and their family were staying at. It was an amazing place. Right on the beach with a hot tub. The weather was wonderful so the kids were out building sandcastles and swimming. When they got cold they would just hit the hot tub. I wasn't up for swimming, but loved being able to just sit on the beach and read. We spent all day there just enjoying the ocean. Brad had been wanting us to go see the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier there in San Diego so that's where we went the next day. There was so much to see, but with two small boys we kind of took the condensed tour. Those ships are amazing. So much to see and explore. We were lucky that Carol decided to come with us that day. The next day was Sea World! I wasn't really too excited about this one because I thought it was just going to be packed. It was packed, but we still had a good time. After that we were wore out and ready to travel back home the next day. We decided to get up early and go again to miss traffic. We didn't quite make it at four like last time, but it wasn't that bad of a drive. We sure were excited to come home to Sawyer!

Christmas Day

We had such a late night Christmas Eve that we woke up before the kids again. Once they were all up and ready, Brad had them head up the stairs one at a time. It's so fun to see the reaction on their faces when they find out what Santa's left them. Once we start opening presents, chaos ensues for pretty much the rest of the day. Messy house, plus happy family equals the perfect Christmas!!