Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Rays

We decided to sign Coop up for baseball this spring. He did pretty good for never playing before. We were so proud of him. He had a lot of fun with the kids on his team and even liked heading to games which was an improvement from soccer. His team were the Rays and they were a good little team. He had great coaches who taught him a lot. They were so excited to get a medal in the tournament. When they were in the outfield we spent a lot of time yelling at them to pay attention. He had a lot of friends from our ward on his team and also his good buddy Carson so that helped him enjoy it.


Every summer my dad gets discount tickets to go to Lagoon and so we all go together. We've lived in Farmington now for a year and a half and we haven't gotten season passes yet. Last year I was pregnant and this year with Sawyer being so little I knew I wouldn't go that much. Maybe next year... Anyway, the kids love Lagoon. We all love being there with the family going on rides together and taking turns watching kids. We went on a Friday and it got a little crowded later in the day, but we were still able to go on quite a few rides. The only problem I have with rides is the fact that I can't go on ANY rides anymore without feeling like I'm going to lose my lunch. I don't remember being like that before I had children but now you can't even jerk me side to side before I'm spinning. No fun!! Hopefully next time I can figure out some good drugs to see me through because I love going on rides. After heading to the Bombora the kids decided to ride the Dinosaur Drop. Brad went and stood in line with them and them strapped them in and left them to ride alone. Well, Ryker was all smiles and we weren't too worried. They were taken up and had the first drop and all of a sudden we hear this high pitched screaming. Ryker had decided he wasn't too excited about the whole ride and we had to watch while he was taken up over and over. We have great before and after pictures. We felt bad for the kid but we still managed to have a good laugh over it.
We hit some other rides and the bumper cars. Ryker got stuck and couldn't move his car and so the guy running the ride let him go again because he felt bad for him. He was pretty excited.
Feeding the goslings was just as fun as rides for these kids.
After a few more rides we decided to head to Rattlesnake Rapids. We waited in line for a bit and then they closed the dang ride. Michelle wasn't too happy. :) We headed to Laguna Beach after that for about an hour and it was perfect. We were able to cool down and take a break from lines.
I was feeling pretty done with rides that night but the fam wanted to hit the Tidal Wave. I decided to sit it out and while I was waiting with my dad we looked over and there was the biggest swan hanging out next to it. The pictures don't do it justice! It was huge!
Overall, we had a great day at Lagoon. It might be the only one we get this summer!

Eight Months

Sawyer is growing up so fast. I remember with Cooper I couldn't wait until he got older. I think the baby stage is so fun but it's hard. Now that I know how fast it goes by I'm trying to make the days go a little bit slower with Sawyer. In these pictures he had just turned eight months. Sawyer has been such a fun little boy. He is so happy and you can elicit a smile just by looking at the little guy. He loves being around his big brothers and playing with them. He still isn't crawling yet, but that is just how I like it! :) He has had two hair cuts so far and his hair just keeps growing. I love it! The only thing I would change about Sawyer is his sleeping habits! The little stinker still doesn't sleep through the night!

Sun Valley

Following tradition we spent Memorial Day with the Riches and this year we headed up to Sun Valley. The weather didn't quite cooperate for us, but we still had a great time playing games and just spending time in the HUGE cabin they rented for the whole fam. The boys spent more time in the hot tub then out. We rode bikes and played a great game of softball and ultimate frisbee at the park. At night we had some great games of Mafia with the whole fam. We rode our bikes out on Memorial Day and the weather was beautiful. Ryker loved sharing his bike trailer with Tyson.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brothers and Best Friends

I love these three little boys and I'm so happy they love each other!!

Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is having babies fall asleep on me and with Sawyer it doesn't happen nearly enough. He is such a light sleeper that I can't remember the last time he even did this. This isn't the best picture of me but I love seeing this little sleeping baby.

Preschool Graduation

This past year Coop went to school at Little Ranchers Preschool. It was close to home and that helped a ton compared to last year. Also, I got to carpool with two other moms and it was so great only to worry about driving once every three weeks. The moms were such a huge help when Sawyer was born and filled in a lot for me. Coop enjoyed his class so much and especially his teachers Miss Angela and Miss Denise. His cousin Taya was in his class too and he thought that was pretty neat. He was always really excited to go and learned so much. I was so excited for Ryker to go this year but then they decided to do only four year olds. Oh well. At least Ryker can go next year!
Taya had a little bit of an issue with her sunglasses. We thought it was pretty funny!
McKinley, Coop and Elle--Carpool Buddies
Coop and Taya
Coop and his good buddy Max

Poor Ryker

Ryker had a little incident involving Brad's motorcycle. He touched the exhaust pipe and burned his poor little hand. Nothing made it feel better except water so Brad rigged up a spot to keep water while he slept. We thought he would just fall asleep and take his hand out. When we went in to check on him later we found him fast asleep with his hand still under water. We felt so bad for him! Luckily the next day he felt a lot better.

Spiderman Boots

I want to remember the days when my little boy wears his Spiderman rainboots all the time!