Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ryan & Kylie's Wedding

Our nephew Ryan got married February in Salt Lake. It was such a fun day. Kylie is so beautiful on the inside and out. I love weddings! The couple is so happy and it's so fun to be surrounded by friends and family; especially in the temple.

I've got a Sucker!

Sawyer has never really loved his binkis. It can be a bit frustrating at times because when he is fussy I want to be able to give it to him. Well, in the past month he has decided that his thumb does the job perfectly. I have decided that I don't really mind it one bit. I know I probably will in the future when I'm trying to get him to stop! I actually find it pretty cute. I just love this little guy!

Where's Cooper?

My boys have shared a bed for about six months now. It gets a little rough at times. I swear Ryker needs no sleep and he will keep Cooper up for hours. We finally decided to get some bunk beds in hopes that they would remedy the problem. Well, we installed them and made a big deal about how they each got their own bed. What happens?? They STILL sleep together, but in a smaller bed. Those silly boys!! Usually it's the top bunk. When Brad and I go to bed he will go in and put Ryker in the bottom bunk. Usually we find them back together again in the morning.
One night before going to bed we went in and found Ryker, but couldn't find Cooper. It took us a second, but we found him. Can you find Cooper?

Silly Boys

With a young baby and cold weather we have a lot of hours to pass at home. Many times it can get pretty monotonous, but these boys find ways to liven it up. I am so grateful for these cute boys in my life.

This little guy loves his Batman

Cooper and Ryker share a bed but they decided that for a while the floor was just as good as their bed. We would put them to sleep and then come in and find this.

My mom brought my old Barbie pool by a while ago and the boys wanted to try it out. I'm glad it's getting some use in this boy filled home. :) Ryker decided he wanted to swim in the pool so he stripped and got right in...

Sawyer's First Haircut