Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy Boys

Cooper has been such a handful lately. He plays a little too rough with Ryker. Today I was doing laundry so I had to make my trips up and down stairs. First trip up I came up to this:

Next trip up I saw this:

Poor Ryker!!!

Last night Ryker decided this was comfortable. Crazy little guy!

Wedding Day!

The Wedding day was beautiful. A little chilly, but the colors were just gorgeous!! The sky was cloudy and dark blue and the leaves were at their brightest. It was such a fun day with friends and family!

My sister made this awesome grooms cake for Stephen. It was funny because Stephen had said he wanted a fountain on his wedding cake. We gave him a hard time because that was so early 90s. haha (No offense to anyone that had a fountain...) Anyway, she decided to include one and also include his love for longboarding. It took her about 15 hours from start to finish. You can tell she's been watching some Ace of Cakes! It was awesome Michelle!

Our extended family has a fun tradition of stealing the groom or bride on their wedding day. We made sure Stephen didn't get away without it. After the wedding luncheon they grabbed Stephen and headed off. We heard they were going to take him up to campus and give him the choice of his shoes or shirt. Well, they decided to take him up to the canyon and made him give them his shirt and shoes and dropped him off. Well, he started hitchhiking and the fourth car that passed picked him up and took him right back to the luncheon. Not as embarrassing as they wanted, but a good story.

Stephen & Chelsey's Reception

This last weekend my brother got married. We are so excited for him! We had a great time at the reception. Here are a few pics:


We headed up to Logan once again last week for a few family activities. It's always so relaxing and fun to be up to Logan. When we first got to Lewiston, Coop scrunched up his nose and stated, "Papa, I smell somethin.." My dad decided that he needs more exposure to the farm. He grabbed Coop and they headed off. The problem was that Coop didn't have any barn shoes. The next day my dad came home with these:

Coop was so excited. They are so cute!

I love fall with the leaves changing. We had to take advantage of the swing.

This is my favorite spot in the yard. It makes me want to grab a book!


A week ago we decided to meet up with our good friends the Allreds and head to Cornbelly's. We love hanging out with the Allreds and had such a good time. We'll have to make this a yearly tradition!

Brad felt pretty cool riding in the kiddy train by himself...haha

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cooper Lately...

Cooper is continually growing up right before my very eyes. He seems so old lately. I guess he is getting bigger, but he is still only two! He says the funniest are just a few examples.

We have tried to teach Cooper there are some words we just don't say. He knows we don't say stupid, suck or crap. He tells me this everyday, "Mom, we don't say stupid suck or crap." Kind of defeats the purpose. Anyway the other day I was sitting there and Cooper said, "Oh My G.." Yup. Apparently he heard it on TV with Brad. (I don't have to take credit for that one). We drilled into his head that he shouldn't say those things. Well, then church comes along and we have to explain to a two-year-old when we can and can't say God. Not too easy.

Well, now that Coop knows all these words we don't say he has no words left to say when he's mad right?? Well, this is what I got today when he was mad at me, "Mom, you're a BAD WORD." Well, I guess that works. He also just yells out, "BAD WORD" if he's mad. It's hilarious!

Cooper goes to time out for calling someone stupid so he knows he can't say it. Well, what do you do? You invent new words. A few weeks ago it was "Stooka". Mom, you're "stooka". Well now it has evolved into "Stupa". I am having a hard time getting mad at him for saying something that isn't even a word...Even though I know what he is calling me and he knows it. Dang stooka and stupa. What will he come up with next?


After the funeral on Monday, Michelle and I loaded up the kids and headed to Eden. She had a time share reserved for her family and Eddie had to work so I graciously joined her. It was BEAUTIFUL. We were driving up and it was about ten at night. I looked up at the tops of the mountains where there was snow and said, "We aren't going all the way up there are we?" Sure enough we were. We were so high you could see Cache Valley to the north and Ogden valley to the west. We were right up next to the Powder Mountain lodge. It was crazy to go from warm Lake Powell to snow. We made some crafts, tried to catch up on our sewing, went swimming, watched some great TV and played the Wii. My parents and Brad joined us Thursday night and we got in some more swimming. Thanks so much for inviting me Michelle!!

My cute Grandma Marva passed away a couple weeks ago. We headed straight up to Logan on the way home from Lake Powell to make sure we made it to the viewing Sunday. The funeral went really well and I am filled with joy knowing that my sweet grandma who spent the last 36 years of her life alone is now surrounded by friends and family. She faced many health problems and always maintained such a positive attitude. She would always have gum in her purse for her grandkids. We would run up to her after sacrament meeting and she would be ready for us. She also kept a candy bowl of Skittles in her kitchen. I don't think it's possible to eat a skittle without thinking of her. She was such a great example to me and I am so thankful to have such amazing grandparents who leave such a great legacy.

One of my favorite quotes from the funeral:

We can’t fully appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now. The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life.

Russel M. Nelson

My sister wrote a great post and had more pics. If you would like to see them click here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lake Powell

Last weekend the Simmons fam were nice enough to invite us to Lake Powell. We had a great time!! It was a little chilly but it warmed up in the afternoon. There was a ton of water during the day and plenty of games at night. Mindy and JD introduced us to a really fun game called Wits and Wagers. It's definitely on my Christmas list!

Coop started off the trip with this:

He tripped over me in the slips and banged his face into the walkway. I don't think I've ever seen a lip this big!!

It took us a while to convince ourselves to get in the water.

But once we did, we have a great time!! I even got in on the wakeboard action!

Coop and Addy

Sand Hill

The Whole Gang

Thanks guys!! We had a great time!

My Smooth Criminal

This is how we found Coop asleep in bed a couple weeks ago...

State Fair

This past September we headed to the State Fair. For some reason I always think it's going to be so much fun looking at all the booths, going on the rides, and eating the fried food. What I forget is that now I have a two year old to take care of, extra pounds I'd like to lose and money I'd like to save instead of spending five bucks on one ride. With that aside, we had fun! The highlight was definitely the big yellow slide. Michelle took Carson and I took Coop. They both loved it and Coop was begging to go again. My parents are so cute to take the kids and do fun things with them. I think all my good memories of the fair probably came from going as a kid to show cows (yes I did) and just being let loose with my cousins to do whatever I wanted. All in all, I think I'll wait a couple years before going back...maybe then Coop will enjoy it more and obey my every word, I'll have more money and be ten pounds skinnier...Yeah Right!!

I love this pic of my parents. Dad with Carson and mom with Coop. They sure love their grandkids and it shows! They are great grandparents!!