Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back From Ohio

I had such a great time in Ohio. Of course the best part was getting to meet my cute nephew Carson and spend time with my cute sister Michelle. Get ready for the play by play!

I got into Columbus on Tuesday and took a long nap after saying hi. I had to get up at 3:30 am that morning to make my flight and I was sooo tired. Oh, and it was the first time I'd even flown by myself. Crazy huh! I just have to say I prefer sitting by someone that doesn't talk to me the whole flight!! Anyway, that night we had a great dinner. Michelle had got a Tempura mix from World Market and we had some great Tempura vegetables, shrimp and we even threw some string cheese in the mix. We were sad we didn't have any pickles. If any of you have ever had fried pickles you know what I'm talking about!! Yes, we are not healthy but boy was it yummy!!

Wednesday we headed to the outlet mall. We did get a late start though. It's not my fault that I slept in until 11:00...okay it is, but I just enjoyed the freedom!! I couldn't resist. We watched Penelope that night and for those of you ladies that haven't seen it, it is definately worth watching. Cute show!! By the way, Carson is such an angel baby!! We drove over an hour to get to the malls, shopped for about four hours then drove home and he only made a few little peeps!! I keep telling myself that's how my next child will be.

Thursday we hung around during the day taking pictures of Carson. Michelle asked me to take some but I can't post any until she does..Still waiting Michelle! That night I finally got to see my good friend Chelsey whose husband is in law school at Ohio State. We watched The Bucket List and caught up.

Friday we headed to one of the many malls my sister is lucky enought to live by. We then headed to Panera which is a sandwich/bakery chain out in Ohio. Yummy!! Then to top it off that night I got to meet up with Chelsey again, and I also got to see another friend from high school named Chelsea also. Michelle and I headed with the Chelsey's to a restaurant Michelle has been talking about forever!! Akai Hana. It's a Japanese restaurant that had great sushi! We then headed to The Dark Night which is a great movie, but pretty dark.

Saturday we decided to drive up to Amish country. It was so gorgeous up there. We headed to a store called Heini's where they have a huge selection of locally made things. Mostly cheese. The only problem is that right when we pulled up so did TWO tour buses full of older people. Crowded!! For dinner we went to Der Dutchman. It was really good. It's a "homestyle" restaurant that had some great food. The picture is right outside the restaurant. Once again, Carson was a little angel throughout the day.

Sunday we had church, came home and slept again... Then we had some friends over for dinner and relaxed that night.

Monday Michelle took me to a mall that had H&M!! Thank you!! Definately one of my most favorite stores. I could have done all my shopping there. We then headed to the airport because it was time to say goodbye and go home. So, after our goodbye's I flew home. Just kidding!! When I got to the airpot they basically told me my flight was so delayed it was basically cancelled. That's okay because they put me on a direct flight for the next day. Yeah! One more night with Michelle!! It was well spent. We headed to The Cheesecake Factory with Eddie (Michelle's husband). Then we watched 21. I did finally make it home on Tuesday.

Michelle, thanks for such a great time!! All the movies and the good food and fun places. Carson is such a cutie. I miss you guys already and can't wait to see you in September. I love you!!

If you didn't make it through this post I understand!! I wrote everything out so I would be able to remember my fun vacation!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Rich Reunion

Okay, so not an "official" reunion, but that's what it felt like. The fun started last Tuesday when Brad's brother Mike and his family flew in from New Jersey, and his sister Julie and her family drove up from St. George. We all met in Draper at Brad's sister Lori's house for some fun. Aunt Diane brought some fun stuff to make these cute little hats and they had a "parade" on the tennis court. Coop wouldn't wear his hat, but he sure loved the parade. Notice all the BOYS!

Thursday we all headed to Lagoon. I was a little nervous to take Coop but he did okay. We bought a monkey backpack with a tail you could hold onto (okay, a leash) and that helped out a little. He is just a busy busy boy that wants to go anywhere by himself. He LOVED the rides, but HATED waiting in line. His favorite part was the fountain at the end. We were smart enough to bring an extra set of clothes because we sure needed them.

With cousins Jaxon and Zach

Loving the swings

He looks so small in these cars

He LOVED the bug ride. It was a little scary to see him so high

Posing for Aunt Julie

Hanging out after Laguna Beach

The favorite ride-not a ride at all!

Finally Friday we headed out to Bear Lake. We made a quick detour to Park City for a few hours to hang out with my parents. We had some pizza and my parents and I rode the zipline down. It was really fun. Brad decided to try out the new coaster ride. He really liked it. That's something I'll have to do next time.

Bear Lake was fun. We played games, ate great food and played in the water. Coop loved the water and the sand, but most of all his cousins!!

With Addy (Julie's daughter) and Ella (Kelli's daughter)

Coop didn't quite know what to think of Logan getting buried by Ben and the other boys

That concludes a busy week and it doesn't get any less busy. Sunday we headed to Lewiston to drop Coop off. My awesome parents are watching him for a week while I go out to visit Michelle, Eddie and Carson in Ohio. My poor mom was already up from one until three in the morning with a screaming child yelling "mama" and "dada". Hopefully it gets easier for them in the coming days. Love you mom and dad! Adios!

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Professional Haircut

Today Coop and I headed to Cookie Cutters so he could get a much needed haircut. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. We had a great girl and Coop did awesome. Even with a kid screaming his head off right next to him. Cookie Cutters is really cute. They have a slide inside to play on. The kids get to pick a movie and sit in cool chairs and they get a sucker and balloon when they are through. The pics didn't turn out that great. I didn't realize my camera was on a funky setting, but I put them up anyway.

The Cool Chairs

The Screaming Kid in the Background. Coop didn't know what to expect....

The Finished Product. What a handsome guy!!

The best part about it was that I didn't realize that The District in South Jordan has added so many stores! After his hair cut I headed to DSW, American Eagle, The Buckle and Target for me. Yeah for shopping! (Even if I didn't buy anything!!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Full Friday!

Friday morning we headed off to Hogle Zoo. We had been wanting to take Coop for a while and decided now was as good a time as any. To be quite honest, we had a great time, but Coop wasn't as into it as we thought he would be. I guess he is still a little young for the zoo.

Checking out the Elephants

Trying to see the Zebras

On the Merry-Go-Round

This was seriously Coop's FAVORITE part of the zoo. He was mesmerized by the birds.

On the Train

A few of my neighbors that don't have family around to watch kids decided to start a babysitting group. Last night was the first night and we were the designated babysitters. We were all outside playing and Brad took this cute picture of a few of the kids. Poor Elli wasn't feeling very well. She's behind them on the chair.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July!

This year we headed to Bear Lake to spend the 4th with the Richs. They had a great time! I say they and not we because I was sick all weekend long. Lucky me! I started feeling crummy before we left, but I just thought I ate something. Well, compounded by the fact that Brad wanted to take his old car to save on gas mileage...which meant that we had NO A/C...(we found out on the trip). That didn't help matters. Which led to Cooper also throwing up in the car. Which in itself is something I hope I only have to deal with a couple times in my life. Yes, quite the ride. But it was over when we got there right? NO! I stayed sick the whole weekend. Laying in bed and dead tired, attached to the toilet, sick. That was me. My cute mom offered to drive down and get me today. I was very tempted but seeing she got back from Ohio yesterday, I decided to see how I feel tomorrow. It is hard to be sick and be a mom at the same time.
Anyway, back to Bear Lake.
We did some boating, some barbecuing, some tennis, some games and had some great food. Bear Lake with the Richs is always a fun time and we are going back in two weeks. Hopefully by then, I won't be feeling so crummy and can actually crawl out of bed.

Playing with Zach and Hayden on the beach.

The only time I got out the whole weekend and the only pic of me.

Coop went on his first tube ride. He did great even with the squished face!

Hayden and Brad on the tube

Saturday Coop wouldn't take his nap. Well, later that afternoon he was in the hammock with cousin Ben swinging away and fell asleep. It was the cutest thing!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is what happens when you mix your P's with your S's. Now his Sippy becomes his .....

My dad was the one that so happily pointed it out. It gave us all a good laugh!