Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Brad had a convention in Orlando the second week in May and I decided to fly out and join him for a few days. It was a relaxing few days for us because we were able to leave the kids home (Thanks Rob & Aki!). I flew out and Brad picked me up and we headed to the hotel. Brad had a few hours he had to be at the convention and so I sat in my hotel room and read. It was HEAVEN. :) Wednesday we decided to go to Epcot. Brad hadn't been there for a long time and lets just say we won't be going back for a while. We had a good time but Brad felt like Epcot needs some serious updating. I kind of agree. It was fun to just hang out and enjoy some of the rides together. The next day when Brad was finished with work we went on an airboat tour. I didn't know what to expect but we had a really fun time. We saw some huge snails, beautiful birds, a few alligators and their nests, and some water snakes. It was relaxing to just sit on the boat and ride. After the air boat tour we decided we didn't quite get our gator fix so we headed to Gatorland. Oh yeah. It was pretty interesting. We saw a TON of alligators, even some Albino ones, birds, and even a water moccasin. They have a little nature walk and we looked over and a huge snake was coiled up hissing at us right next to the trail. Yup freaked me out a little bit. So glad we got out of there quick. Our hotel was really neat in Orlando. Brad and I kept saying how much our kids would have loved coming here and swimming. Friday we left Orlando and headed to Ft. Lauderdale for one night. It was fun to go there, but I don't think we will be heading back there really soon. Saturday before our plane left, we went on a boat tour of some of the GIGANTIC houses of famous people that live right on the channel. The thing that stuck with me the most was Steven Spielbergs $150 MILLION dollar yacht. CRAZY! People seriously have that kind of money?? Pretty crazy. And yes, I held a baby alligator and Brad wouldn't because he was scared. Just had to put that in there. :) The man said it was his three-year-old daughters pet but it still makes me feel tough.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Kids

Just a few random picks of my cute kids. Coop and Sawyer have a cute little bond. Sawyer gets so excited to see his oldest brother and Coop loves playing with Sawer. Ryker decided his Happy Meal box made a pretty cool helmet. We thought it was pretty awesome too. Coop lost his first tooth last month. I don't have any pictures because I was at my moms house, but she does. Before he lost it I took a picture of the tooth that came in before his other tooth was even out. Don't know where that comes from. Mine never did that! His second tooth did the same thing! It is coming in and the other one isn't even out yet. Guess it's time to wiggle it!

Funny Kid

Another one of Ryker. I went in to check on them when I went to bed and Ryker fell asleep like this. It looks so uncomfortable!

He's a Thinker

A while ago Ryker was in the bathroom and I heard the toilet paper being messed with. In the past Ryker has tried to wipe his nose and rolled out almost the whole roll of toilet paper. Well, I waited a bit longer before I went to see what was going on. When I saw him I asked what he had been doing and he said he was stopping his boogers. Turns out he was taking toilet paper and shoving it up his nose so his boogers would quit coming out. I laughed pretty hard and then got a little worried that it might be too hard to get it out. Luckily we didn't have a problem and I got a good laugh.

Best Buddies

These three little guys are what most of my days consists of. Ryker, Tavin and Cooper. The only thing missing in these pictures is little Sawyer. We joke a lot that Tavin is our fourth son because it seems him and Coop and inseparable these days. Good thing we love Tavin so much! This particular day I had tried to make something I saw on pinterest that looked a lot of fun. It worked okay but it would have worked awesome if I hadn't run out of duck tape. The boys still had a great time playing on it but I think I will have to try it again soon.

Oh Ryker

Ryker woke up one morning and much to our surprise the night before he had decided to color all over himself with Sharpee marker. It took a few days to fade, but we had a good laugh. I think when we took these pictures he was still half asleep.

City Creek

Back in April my parents and I decided to head to City Creek with the boys. I had been with my parents once before, but we wanted to go back. It is so beautiful there and we knew the kids would love the fountains. We grabbed a quick bite at the food court and then wandered around until it closed. It was a little chilly so I didn't know if the boys would get in the water, but Cooper jumped right in. Ryker decided to sit this one out. Coop spent about fifteen minutes in there before he decided that he was freezing and I had to make a quick purchase at Gymboree for some clothes that he probably won't wear again. Oh well! It was worth it! We ended the night with some delicious Blood Orange gelato from Harmons. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


We were so excited for the kids to wake up and find their Easter egg baskets this year, but of course we had a late night and they slept in for a LONG time that morning. They finally made it up and loved running around the house finding the Easter eggs before church. They all looked so handsome in their church outfits too. I'm one lucky momma and wife! After church they found more eggs hidden outside the house. We were spoiled!