Sunday, January 9, 2011


We said goodbye to Saratoga Springs and moved to Farmington on Tuesday the 28th of December. I do not recommend trying to move in December right around Christmas but that is just what worked out for us. My emotions were all over the place in December. We knew we were moving and I was excited but I was so apprehensive and nervous to do it in the same sense. There is something so comforting when you have been somewhere long enough you know who lives in each and every house in your neighborhood. It took me quite a while to meet friends and neighbors when we first moved to Saratoga but once we did, we knew we were in the right place. We made so many wonderful friends while we were there. Friends I know I won't be able to ever replace but for some reason we knew we weren't supposed to stay there forever and now was the time. I was so sad to leave my cute house. This was the first house we owned, the house I brought both my babies home to. The house where Brad finished the basement and shot a nail through his fingers. It's like a house becomes just another part of the family and I had to say goodbye to it too.

We started looking for houses around September. We looked at this house in Farmington and thought it was nice, but we just started the hunt and wanted to keep looking. Well, for some reason we decided to go back and look again a few weeks later and we decided that this was it. It wasn't our perfect house, but there were so many things we really liked about it. There were so many times along the way I thought it wasn't going to work out. Then there were the times when I saw the Lord's hand in our decision. Right when we decided to move Brad's work area opened up to basically all of Utah, he wasn't just in charge of South Salt Lake and Utah County anymore. He also got a raise which was a happy surprise. We asked WAY below the listing price and got pretty close to what we offered. We listed our house for rent, and had a family we felt good about rent it in two days. All the while I had been praying and knew it was the right decision. There were times when I wondered if this was right. Mainly when I received a new calling a couple weeks before moving that really had me questioning myself and the move. Once again I was reassured that this is the Lord's path for us.
I was sad to have to move Coop. He is at the age where he has some great friends he plays with, but now we are surrounded by boys his age in our new ward. I'm sure he'll make friends fast. We've met quite a few people already. I'm already planning on heading to book club with some gals from the ward and everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I decided I really enjoy starting over in a way because I get to meet all these new people and learn about their life. It's almost like each ward is it's own little community and has it's own personality and I get to figure that out and become part of it. I'm still at the stage where I wonder if I'll ever make good friends here, but I can see a start. Luckily we already had some great friends living in Farmington and close by that has helped make the transition easier.
This post has probably seemed like a jumble of thoughts but I did want to write some of them down. I want my Saratoga friends (if anyone even reads this :)..) to know that they were a huge influence in my life the past (almost) five years. I grew so much as a person because of the influence of people there. It seems like this is a farewell, but really I plan on staying in touch with all of you!! Thanks for being a part of my last five years!!


Once again we had to wake our kids up at around 9:30 Christmas morning. The whole Christmas Eve late night thing does them in. They were excited to come down and get their presents though!
It is so fun to have kids that get so excited to open presents. It brings that special something to Christmas again that you lost along the way somewhere.

Michelle way excited to open my present.

So thankful my dad was here with us for Christmas. His heart gave us quite a scare and I think all the time how lucky we are he is still here!

This picture isn't what it looks like. No, we did not give our child Rum. We had so many boxes because we were moving at the time that this is the one that was used for his toy. haha

The kids loved playing outdoors with their new jeep that grandma and grandpa got.

That afternoon we went back over to the Richs for a wonderful breakfast. After visiting with them Brad headed home and I came back up to Lewiston. That night Ryker, who has now started climbing out of the pack n play, fell asleep right behind the bedroom door. When I went up to check on him before bed, this is what I found:

My dad had to come up and help me move him. My arms weren't long enough to reach around. I am always so sad when Christmas night comes because I know it's all over for another year. This one was so much fun!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was held with the Rich family. We started out with a wonderful meal then headed downstairs to play some family games.

The grinch stopped by again and tried to make everyone mad that Christmas was the next day. Didn't work!

Ryker couldn't wait to sit on the Grichs lap to get a candy cane.

Brad was just bubbling over with excitement!!

We finished the night with a nativity that the kids participate in. Well, they decided to let Ryker be the "baby" Jesus. Well, Baby Jesus role in the nativity is to lay there and let's just say Ryker didn't play the role very well. There was a certain shepard that decided to torment him the whole time. My kids contributed to the "worse nativity yet" as put into words by one of the family who will remain nameless. :) It's the thought that counts right???

We ended the night with a picture by the tree with our new Christmas PJs on.

Rich Family Christmas Party

On Sunday Dec. 18th, the Rich Family had their Christmas party. We exchanged cousin gifts and also make-gifts. They are always a hit! Brad's family decided a while ago not to give gifts but to do make gifts. The party is always fun but I will say that I am usually stressed when November hits and I have no idea what to make. We had a military theme going on also because it was Carol's birthday that week and this was a party for her too.

Grandpa Bill leading in the troops

This year Brad and I, came up with the idea to give Double Snuggies. We decided to sew two snuggies together and give them with a poem. Blake and Ryan were way excited I'm sure! :)

The couples in their Snuggies.

Tiara had Brad this year and made him an awesome frame and Jazz blanket.

Lori made me some really neat Christmas bulbs with our name in vinyl on them.

The boys loved their presents too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New York City

We headed to NYC with the Bowens the second week of December and had such a great time!! After our crappy red eye flight Wednesday night we were ready to play. We crammed a lot into a few days and it was so much fun! Brad and I hit up the Late Show, sight-seeing in NYC, driving down the Jersey Shore, great food (Shake Shack, Rosa Mexicano, Grimaldis), Broadway, double-decker bus tours, Canal street shopping (which the Brads LOVED), and of course staying in Madison with Mike and Emily's family. I have decided that New York is a girls trip so next time I think I'll be going with the ladies!

My Crappy Gloves

Jersey Shore

The REAL Jersey Shore haha

Times Square

Brooklyn & Brooklyn Bridge

Brad's Finest Moment