Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ryker is One!!

Last Tuesday my little baby turned one. It sounds so weird to say that because I feel like I just went to the hospital to have him. The older I get the faster time goes and I find myself looking at him and wondering how he got so big. It makes me sad, but I love watching him at this age.

For his birthday we had our traditional waffle and whipped cream breakfast. That night we had the Plummers over for some cake and ice cream. Ryker didn't disappoint with his cake. He dug right in. He didn't eat too much because, as I later found out, he was getting a really bad cold.

This year we kept thinking about what we wanted to give him. We didn't want to get him a bunch of small baby toys because we already have a few from Coop so we decided to think ahead and get him a slide. Well, as you can see he LOVED it!! What a great idea...haha. Brad held him while he went down so slow and he cried. Well, Cooper, here's your present. Hopefully Ryker likes it in a few months.

The cake I made him.

The party.

One messy, happy little guy.

At one Ryker is saying dada and mama. He also started mooing when you ask him what a cow says. He started taking his first steps but won't be walking for a while. He has four teeth on the bottom, his front right one on top and is getting about three more. He is such a happy, social guy. He does this thing where he gets shy. He lays his head down on his shoulder and it's so dang cute! We love our little guy!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

These were my best attempts at getting a picture of the boys together on Valentines Day. Cooper hates the camera and I think Ryker is following in his footsteps!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Michelle's Famous

So a while back I stumbled upon a new blog that I'm now obsessed with. I love when that happens! I called my sister Michelle and we both drooled over all the fun projects we were going to make. Well, I've taken a bit longer then I thought to start anything but my cute sister Michelle jumped right in with her mother-in-law and made an adorable chair. Michelle sent pictures back to Ana (the girl who runs the blog) and she wrote about Michelle's chair in her recent post. Here is the link to the blog:

Knock Off Wood

Hopefully this will help motivate me to start one the many projects I want to do. Enjoy!!