Sunday, August 2, 2015


This year I was on bed rest and too close to having this baby to feel like I could go walk around in the heat. Brad took the boys with my parents and they had a great time!

It's over!

Best part of baseball is the medal at the end! Especially if a popsicle is involved!

Baseball Season

Our cute boys stared baseball this spring. Ryker was on the Twins and Coop was on the Red Sox. We had quite a few boys on Ryker's team from the ward so it was fun to visit and see them every game. Poor Ryker got hit by the ball in one of the first games so he was pretty timid when it came to hitting the ball. We didn't know anyone on Coop's team this year. His coach was pretty intense, but we made it through! Sawyer was kept entertained with plenty of popsicles. These days at the baseball field can get pretty long!

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day up in Logan with family. First, we had a breakfast and games with the Rich family. We also stopped at Bill's grave. We miss him so much! It's so comforting to know families are forever! The boys loved playing two man baseball and human slingshot. For lunch we headed up to Lewiston. My dad had prepared a shrimp boil. It was so yummy!! We stopped at my grandparents grave afterwards. We had some pictures of them in the car so we got out to take a picture.

Preschool Graduation

Ryker graduated from preschool the end of May. I can't believe he is headed to kindergarten! He had such a great time with Miss Angela and Miss Denise. Their program was so cute and I loved seeing them all in their sunglasses. Ryker is pretty excited to be able to go to Cooper's school now!

Children's Museum

The kids were so excited to head to the Children's Museum for the new Bob the Builder exhibit. Really, they had no idea who Bob the Builder is, but they were excited nonetheless. The water feature was a favorite for Sawyer. He looked so cute in his little apron. Coop loved the climbing wall they have and Ryker like sitting in the helicopters. They had yummy food for us to eat in the exhibit and dad took Sawyer over to meet Bob. We had a great time with my parents and we will have to make it back soon!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me! Love these beautiful boys that made me a mother. They are so special! We headed up to Lewiston that day to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom as well. So grateful for the chance I get to be a mom and for the amazing moms in my life!


I was sitting in my office one day and I looked outside and saw Lindsey Cook & Harrison walking with bags down the sidewalk across from my house. They don't live too close so I was wondering what the heck they were doing. The crossed the street and walked into my neighbors house. Weird. Then I got a text from said neighbor to come help her pick out tile. Okay...they must be helping her pick out tile. I walked outside just as Jill, my neighbor across the street was walking outside with a bag. I asked if our neighbors were able to adopt a baby and if that was where she was headed. She said she didn't know and just kept following me. I also saw a car that looked exactly like my moms down the road but thought it was a neighbor. I seriously had NO IDEA and didn't put anything together until I walked in Natalie's house and everyone was in there. It was a surprise baby shower!!! So much fun!! Everything looked so cute and the food they had was so yummy. I have such a great group of friends in my neighborhood. It was so much fun to be surprised!! I got pretty spoiled too! Later that night when I got home the boys had so much fun checking out all the fun things we got for baby girl. They are so excited to have a sister!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Oil & Water

Ryker and Sawyer are like oil and water. They just don't mix! There are few occasions when they are getting along with just
each other and when I see them, I make sure to snap a pic!


The Easter bunny came! For some reason I didn't get a picture of the kids with their baskets. We made sure to get a family picture after church though! Love this cute family of mine. There is also a picture of my Brad and I which shows my pregnant belly. I didn't take too many of those so it's fun to see. The kids raced around the back yard collecting their eggs after church. I love seeing the look in their eyes right when they spot an egg. They are always so intense.