Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mount Nebo Marathon

We were so proud of dad when he decided to run the Mount Nebo marathon! We went the night before and stayed in the Provo Marriott with the kids. Brad got up early that morning and drove in to the race. I followed with the kids after. We made some signs for Brad and when the kids saw him running up to the finish line. Brad later said he cried when he saw his family waiting for him at the end. Cooper and Ryker decided they wanted to run with him. Cooper made it, Ryker...not so much. He said he was too tired and he wanted them to quit running. Well, they didn't so Ryker crossed the finish line himself crying. It was pretty funny. We are so grateful for Brad!

Labor Day in Bear Lake

We made it to Bear Lake again the end of August for Labor Day weekend. While we were there we for sure had to complete our Ice Bucket challenge. The kids loved watching us do it. No matter how prepared you think you are for the cold water, you aren't! Oh, and apparently, as evidence by the pictures, it's okay for the girls to get the most of it!

Brad's 36!

Happy Birthday Brad!! We love you lots!

Two Months

Our little lady is two months old and we couldn't be loving her more. She is packing on the pounds and we love to squish it. She loves her brothers and her toys, even if she falls asleep in the middle of playing them. She is such a joy!

Ryker's First day of Kindergarten

Ryker was so excited to finally be in the same school as Cooper. Ms. Black is his new teacher and you couldn't wipe the smile off his face if you tried!

Bear Lake

The family headed up to Bear Lake for the 24th of July. We love hanging out at the beach. This year we also hiked up to Bloomington Lake. Poor Harper didn't love it very much and kept crying so I decided to leave a little bit early. Carol came with me so we had Harper and Sawyer between us. Poor Sawyer fell down, scratching his leg pretty good and Harper was crying. I'm sure we were quite the sight on the trail. We made it back and everything was great. We love going to Bear Lake with family!

Coop's First Day of 2nd Grade

Because we are still in year-round school, Coop started in the middle of July. His teachers this year were Ms. Ball and Senora Gonzales. He was pretty excited to start second grade even though he had only been out fo school for a couple weeks!

One Month

Our beautiful baby girl is One Month! We all love her so much!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The boys decorated their bikes so good for our ward party at the park!


We drove back up to Lewiston to spend time with Michelle, Sophie and Carson. The kids love their cousins and don't get to see them enough. They swam in Nana's pool. The pool was so cold that Ryker was really the only one that would get in. They had a great time anyway.
The Hutchisons decided to come spend a few days at our house. Brad jumped with them on the tramp one day and all the kids thought it was the best thing ever.