Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rich Christmas Party

The Riches had their Christmas party a few days after Christmas this year. The plan was to head to head to Airborne first and then to a church for our party. Well, Brad woke up sick that day and we didn't want to miss out so I went by myself and took the kids. I didn't take my camera into the trampoline park but everyone had fun playing dodgeball and jumping. We were all really excited when Bill showed up. It was such a great surprise. It was a little difficult for him to go out because he got tired easy and had to have oxygen and we loved having him there. After jumping we took off to the church. The boys played some basketball and the kids loved playing with their cousins. I wasn't as good at getting pictures as I usually am because I was a single parent, but I got a few. Brad and I had Scott and Greg this year for the make-gift. We made them car kits because of all the time they spend in their cars. Ben had Brad and made him a little wooden plaque. Karrie had me and she made me a really neat picture with our names spelled out with scrabble tiles. The kids were all so excited for their presents too. When Bill decided to grab the mic and talk, we were all feeling pretty emotional. He had been through so much the past few weeks but he loved family get-togethers and wouldn't have missed the party. He read us a letter about my nephew Tyler on a mission and talked to us all. I was so sad Brad wasn't able to be there to listen to his dad. He was such an amazing man and none of us had any idea that we would just have two more weeks with him.

New Toy

Brad bought the kids a 4-wheeler for Christmas and was so excited to give it to them! We took it out for a test run the day after Christmas. It had been snowing for quite a while and so we hooked up the sleigh and they went for a ride. I think Brad was just as excited to ride it as the kids. Ryker loved getting pulled and also pulling Sawyer.


I love Christmas Day so much!! I don't ever sleep well the night before because I'm always so excited to wake up and see the kids reactions. Usually I'm up by about 8:30 and then I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I guess I should appreciate that my kids are still in the stage where they aren't old enough to wake up at 6:00 in the morning but I sure get anxious waiting for them. This year we finally work them up around 10:00!! I guess I'm not too surprised considering the fact that we get home really late the night before. I was so sad this year because I forgot my camera for Christmas Eve. We were at the Richs house and we enjoyed a delicious meal along with great games and of course the nativity. Well, the kids woke up and Brad had them line up on the stairs so they could walk up together. I loved seeing their reactions!! They were so excited. Santa did well! We spent the day in our pajamas and just enjoyed our time together. I don't think I even put any makeup on which is why I look so pretty in all the pictures. That evening my parents came down to spend time with us. We opened our gifts to each other and it was like Christmas all over again for everyone. I'm so glad my parents come down. It makes it so much fun! Christmas Day always goes by so fast that I'm so sad when it's over!

Christmas Card

For last year's Christmas card we hadn't gotten any family pictures taken so I decided to just take the boys to the basement and take one myself. Now, as anyone with young children knows, trying to take pictures with little children where they are all looking at the camera is near impossible. Luckily, we finally got one good one and I was happy! Of course we had Sawyer picking his nose and the boys laughing/fighting with each other but it worked out. I turned the pic black and white and there was our Christmas card picture!

Temple Square

Okay, so I'm almost six months behind here and I really need to play some catch up! The first of December our family went to Temple Square to see the lights. We booked a room at the Kimball and headed out. It is always so beautiful with the lights on all the trees. We watched a bit of the nativity before heading back to our hotel room. It's so fun to be able to have these traditions and make memories with my kids. Hopefully they will be as special to them when they grow up as they are to me now.