Monday, January 23, 2012

Rich Christmas Party

For the Rich Christmas party we pick names and then make gifts for that person. I always curse the tradition until I can come up with an idea of what to make and it's done. Once I'm at the party I love it!! It's so much fun to see what people have made for each other. This year Brad and I made Mike and Karrie a personalized game of Guess Who. I saw it on Pinterest and had it all figured out. That is until I opened the games the night before and found that they had totally re-done the layout. Panic!! I calmed down and figured out that I would just take a little bit more time. After finally coming up with a template that works on Excel I resized all the pictures and hurray! I was done. They were a hit!
Brad got a really neat book from Rob with pictures of the Timpanogos hike they went on and of course Rob's annual family calendar. I got an awesome personalized scripture cover from my nephew on a mission in Mexico and a really cute picture.
The kids got some great toys and loved playing with their cousins. Before the party we met up at Airborne and played dodgeball and jumped on all the tramps. We had so much fun and I can't wait until the next party!!


This Christmas was a first for us! The first time we stayed home all day. Well, other then church. It started out the same as our other Christmas days. My boys were so tired from Christmas Eve that they slept all morning. We finally had to wake them up at 9:30 to make sure they could check out Santa's gifts and eat some breakfast before church. After our yummy breakfast we hurried to get ready and headed to church.
After church we came home and got back in our jammies and the fun began! We opened all our presents and got to sit around and play all day. It was so relaxing. To top it off my parents came to visit that evening and we had a yummy dinner. Not only did we eat but we got in a few rounds of Just Dance 3. The kids were so cute playing and it was hilarious to watch my dad and Brad.
It was such a perfect Christmas! We are so blessed!

Sawyer was done at the end of the day. Don't you just want to tip his head up?? We left him like this only long enough to take a picture.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve

We headed up to Logan on the 23rd because Brad wanted to take Coop skiing. He didn't take any pics but Coop did awesome and he loved it. (Well, most of the time.) We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family this year. We had to decide how to do things differently because we finally decided to stay at home for Christmas so we wouldn't be seeing my family on Christmas Day. We decided to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. It actually worked out really well. We opened presents from each other and had pizza. Afterwards we played games until it was time to head to Kent & Robyn's house for dinner. My parents even found some pretty sweet do-rags at the dollar store for the boys. Eddie (gave-then took back) a pretty awesome hot dog roaster too.
We've been going to the other Buttars' house on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. It's so fun to see all the cousins. We don't see each other as much as I would like so it's fun to visit and catch up.
After dinner we came back to my parents to open our Christmas PJs and get ready to go home. On the drive back the kids were looking for Rudolph's nose and might have found it but they fell asleep too fast. I guess that's a sign they had a great day!!

Sawyer's Blessing

We blessed Sawyer the first Sunday in December. It went so great. Brad did such a good job with the blessing and Sawyer slept the whole time. I always get nervous my kids will end up crying through the blessing. The most stressful part of the whole thing actually happened the night before. I was re-decorating our Christmas tree Brad had decorated because he had put all the ornaments on one side. Well, I got the tree done perfect, laid Sawyer on the floor and headed downstairs to help Brad clean up the basement. All of a sudden I heard a loud thump and Sawyer started screaming. I ran upstairs and saw Sawyer's little legs poking out from under our Christmas tree. I lifted it up and started yelling for Brad. He finally came upstairs and grabbed Sawyer. After brusing the pine needles off his face he quit crying and was perfectly fine. We were so lucky because we had a huge tree!! Once I realized he was fine I started laughing even though I was shaking still. I could finally see the humor in the situation. It took Brad quite a bit longer to see the humor. The tree had already fallen over once before and he'd re-decorated it and told me not to touch it. I just couldn't leave it looking lopsided though! :) After that we secured it to the wall and didn't have any more problems.
We had so many family members that came and supported Sawyer and our family on that day. It is so nice to be reminded how blessed we are!

Leave them for just a minute...

We put the boys in the tub and came back to find the whole bottle of foam soap in the tub with them. They thought they were so funny and had such a great time it was hard to get mad!

Preschool Party

We dropped in with cupcakes at Coop's preschool for his birthday. They had a little party for him and he was pretty pleased. His class sings to him and he gets to wear a crown and pick a prize. He loves his preschool class and his friends he's met there!

Happy Birthday Coop!

Cooper turned five on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We had the traditional birthday breakfast and of course Coop couldn't wait to open his present so we told him he could open one before church. Well, one turned into all of them. He was so excited for his "IPad". We decided to get Coop a tablet for his birthday....(we decided to get our family one but it worked out to give it to Coop for his birthday). Another present he loved was his Home Alone DVDs. They watched them over and over laughing so hard!

My parents came down with Stephen and Chelsey and Coop was so excited they were here for his big day. After church we had a birthday lunch and he opened his presents from them. He loved his Star Wars legos from Stephen and Chelsey and his blanket from my parents. After lunch they had to take off but we had Brad's parents and his brothers families over for some cake and ice cream that night. He's really into Star Wars legos these days so we had to make him a Star Wars lego cake. Wasn't my best work but he thought it was great. :)

I seriously can't believe I have a little boy that's five. The past years have just flown right by. Being the oldest I feel like I expect him to act at least 10 half the time and I have to remind myself that although he is my oldest, he is still just a little boy. He is so loving and is always ready to give me a hug and tell me how much he loves me. I am so blessed to have this little boy!