Saturday, March 22, 2014

Logan Canyon

A couple days before the Fourth of July we decided to take the boys up Logan Canyon and go camping. Our campsite was right next to the Logan river and the boys thought that it was so neat to be able to throw rocks in it. Brad even tried his hand at fishing for a little bit, but didn't have any luck. Carol came up and joined us for our tin-foil dinner and some smores. After dinner, the bugs came out, and Sawyer was pretty dirty so I decided it was time to head back down to Carol's house to stay with Sawyer. The boys loved staying up and sleeping in the tent with dad. That morning I went back up and met them for a little while before it was time to pack up. I love being up in the mountains where it's so quiet and there are no distractions. So nice to just sit with the family and relax.

Little America

The last weekend in June my parents came down and stayed at Little America for the night. They invited us to come swimming Saturday morning. We hurried over and had a little while to swim with them before they had to check out. I think poor Sawyer had gotten bit by a mosquito and his poor face was swollen. After finding some gross snails the boys were ready to hop in. Cooper is becoming a little fish and Ryker makes sure to have plenty of things surrounding him to help him float. He does not like his face in the water.


So my brother Stephen bought a boat and invited us to Glendale boating. Since it was summer, I decided to head up to Cache Valley with the boys to go. His boat was so much fun. We haven't really been boating a lot because Brad's family sold their boat. I forgot how much I missed it. The water was nice, it wasn't very crowded and we had a great time. We had to practically force Ryker to get in the tube. He lasted a little bit but was pretty nervous the whole time. Cooper liked the tube a bit better. The water was nice enough to swim and so that's what I did. My dad is still a really good water skier and had a lot of fun on the smooth water. Too bad I never learned how to water ski that great. I think I've maybe been once or twice. I guess it's never too late to learn!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Father's Day

The boys were so excited to give Brad their handprints that they made. Brad really liked them, even if you can't tell from the picture. We had Brad's favorite meal, roast and mashed potatoes and then the boys and I headed up to Lewiston to go see my dad and have dinner. We ate some yummy food, opened presents and jumped on the tramp. It was fun to go up and spend time with them. It was a busy Father's day, but a great one!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


We hit Lagoon with my parents again this year. We took Sawyer with us this time and he loved all the little kid rides. Cooper had a great time riding his favorite roller coaster, the Bombora and I took Ryker on some of the more mellow rides. Unfortunately, Ryker still remembered his experience on the Dino Drop last year and wouldn't go on it with Cooper this year. I guess it might have scarred him just a little it. I even rode the swings with my mom and Brad. The whole time I was praying I wouldn't get sick because for some reason after kids my stomach has never been the same. After a trip on Rattlesnake Rapids we went and ate our lunch that we brought. I think Sawyer's favorite ride of the whole day was the bumper cars. Cooper was great and rode with him while Sawyer "drove". He was so sad he had to get off. Living five minutes away from Lagoon you would think we would go more, but at least we make it once a year!

Ryker's Graduation

This year flew by with Ryker in his first year of preschool. We took him to Miss Lacey's class and he really liked going. The program was so cute with them singing and speaking. He sure loved going to preschool and he's going to be sad not to see Miss Lacey anymore.

Farmington Canyon

The first of June we decided to go hiking up Farmington Canyon to the waterfall. It ended up being farther then we thought, but there was a lot of fun things to see and do along the way. We packed a picnic lunch and headed up. There were old, rusted cars along the trail and the boys loved to explore them. There were also some smaller waterfalls that we stopped at on our way to the big one. We had to ask a few people directions to the big waterfall because the trail was a little confusing. Once we got there we did something that looking back now, we realize probably wasn't the smartest. It was a pretty steep hill to get down to the bottom of the waterfall, but we felt okay going down. We got on our stomachs and crawled down backwards, helping the boys along the way. Sawyer was crying the whole time because he was in the carrier and was scared. Some people came along and I'm sure they wondered what the heck we were doing, but we made it down okay. The waterfall was really beautiful, but probably not worth the risk. We stayed there for just a little bit because there really wasn't a lot of room to sit and then climbed back up a different way and headed back to the car. It was really fun to take the kids hiking, but we definitely realized it was a little too long for them on the hike back. We heard about it the whole way. I took Sawyer on my back and Brad had to carry Ryker. Cooper was awesome and did it by himself. Maybe we will wait until they are a bit older to do it again.